I know many of you are anxious to initiate new ideas, new seeds for positive experiences throughout the month and the year. Obviously, it is a time to begin fresh and refreshed as the tender of the New World Garden within your field of flowers (opportunities). So, what does the New Moon Offer you?

First of all, the Sun and the Moon will form their perfect union at 11:43:36 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on the 11th of January. They align at 21 degrees 45″ of Capricorn–The Achiever. Within this field of energy he Sabian Symbol brings forth the energy within this message stirring your inner psyche: “A General Accepting Defeat.” The battle is over and you can now discover the lessons within the challenge and charge that you have taken to make the world a different place. You can surrender to the wisdom and vow never to repeat the same old mistakes. The Flag of Victory isn’t about winning the battle, but the success of the travel through the events that have led you to the moment of acceptance of what does not work and working within the structure of what does.

Capricorn energy is a “General’s” energy. In order to keep a balance between success and defeat, more energy within the cosmos is lined-up at New Moon. Mercury, Pluto and Venus are all in Capricorn with the Sun and the Moon. Our Higher Self Consciousness (Sun) and Cognitive Consciousness (Mercury) are strengthened by our Intuitive Aspect (Moon) and our sensitivity to others as well as directives for using our resourcefulness (Venus) are all in the high achievement energy of Capricorn. We are in a strong field of wisdom ready to regenerate our power, focus on our transmutation and create our new reality (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus).

With the power of the Capricorn Moon we will have the inner stamina to do whatever is necessary to complete any project we set into motion. The Power of the Sun in Capricorn will give us the authority to succeed. We can stay cool, calm and collected using these highly charged fields of light.

There are no Sacred Geometrical vibrations arching from planet-to-planet.

Use this energetic time to Set the Pace of Lessons Learned from the Battle of Transformation you have been experiencing the last three years, and most particularly, last year, and move forward into the Higher Authority of your Divine General-self and get into the Field of the Garden you are cultivating as a brand new life in the Brand New World.