Cosmic Alignment – Partial Solar Eclipse – New Moon September 12, 2015

Here on the West Coast of the U.S., the New Moon will begin at 11:41:12 p.m Pacific Daylight Time. The Sun and moon will be sliding through the last 10 degrees of Virgo as they meet up, hip-to-hip. Of course, we have a Partial Solar Eclipse–a “trigger point” for the world psyche. And what shall it trigger and for how long will this be in effect?
The timing of the effect will be as long as 6 months and perhaps a year. It will cause us to look at changes we may still need to take care of (such as health, cooperation with others, letting go of perfection and realizing we are moving through human experiences to cultivate our internal power). This will be a time to clear our clutter, especially our mental emotional attitudes that clutter our true empowered self. This trigger event can call us to creatively progress in our soul journey; to ascend in consciousness, if you will. The Virgo energy will certainly call us to Service…what will your service be as you enter a new cycle of the Moon?
An eclipse is like a retrograde. It reminds us to release, renew and perhaps redo. While we consciously join forces with this New Moon/Solar eclipse moment, we are also under the shadow of Mercury as it heads toward a 3 week retrograde effect. Mercury retrogrades in Libra and as an air sign, there may be many technologies that might have to fall apart to be redirected for positive use. Yes, I say this, for in the initial states of the shadow I have already had a huge failure of a new computer and a new recording system. I have lost the use of Skype on two systems, and so the Collective Communication Fields are already displaying the power of a Mercury retrograde. That actually stations and then descends through its retrogrades on Sept 17th.
This also reminds us that we truly need to be more attentive to “thinking before we speak.” In relationships, this is very important…words may be said that are truly activators of the trigger of arguments, misrepresentation of what we mean to say, and set a month of disagreements into action. Don’t hesitate to think before you react, speak or take action that becomes an unforgivable event.
Ah, but what more might we be looking at as we continue through the months of harvest and the ability to reap what we have sown as well and complete what we need to? I find something very significant as I look at our day of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. In fact, we have been working with this field for sometime, but its intensity is growing. I’m speaking of Saturn finishing its visit in the field of Scorpio. It is presently at a prominent state of 29 Degrees; a huge trigger point that will bring us to our knees unless we are willing to listen and learn; as well as respond and change. Through dream-time and early morning contemplation I went through this scenario of the effect this journey Saturn has made sine Oct 6, 2012. It will totally complete this cycle in Scorpio by mid- September when it enters Sagittarius to stay for ~2 -1/2 years. So, pardon me while I digress and do not make this such an astrological look at all the stars and planets in the heaven at New Moon time.
What has Saturn provided us during this journey into Scorpio? Well think of this story: Saturn equates to Cronus a great and powerful father of Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. (Please know there are many renditions of this story; I use one I was taught, and I am not reporting the exact story.) Lore tells us that Cronus was foretold of the eminent powers in his sons. So, when they were born he would eat them and regurgitate them. In fact, he had a fear that they would overcome the reign of all the Gods of Titan. As Cronus was still young, he felt Hades and Poseidon could overcome his thrown of power and oust him. Not to be had, Cronus, commanded them to be sent to realms of the Underworld to take their power; yet he also imprisoned them in these places.
Hades underworld is given the molten energy of the Earth–or Hell as we like to use in our human language. Underground, where he could not be seen and it might be a bit dangerous if you made a connection with him. In fact, the story of Persephone is the maiden Hades enticed and held her captive in this heat of passion, a place of darkness, and when lost in this place, a barren reality. For us personally, this is the field of our fearful self, unworthy and wounded self. It is our Shadow, until we heal and discover it is the conduit to our Higher Self…our Light; our Master Self.
Poseidon, was also put into an underground reality. Yet, this was of the Sea. Cast in the ocean so vast, Cronus believed he would not come forward to interrupt his thrown of power. Poseidon, however, is believed to be the initiator of earthquakes, tsunamis, and great subconscious disturbances. This is the domain of our illusions, willingness to be influenced by other’s as we fall prey to substance abuses, unhealthy lifestyles, and separation from our higher self.
Finally, the younger son Zeus, protected by his mother Rhea, and birthed when Cronus was getting older and losing his spirit of fight; was saved from the wrath of his father’s determination to keep him from overpowering the God’s of the Titans and the power of his own thrown. A god of the skies, lightning, law, order and justice; he was seen as a benevolent god; and one who would be called “Father” of all. He, it is said, visited his brother’s and would encourage them to come out of their underworld prisons and enter the light.
So, I use these profaned statements of the story of these gods to help us enter into a psycho-spiritual contemplation of what the star patterns and movement might be showing us. First, I return to Saturn (Cronus) at its “elder” stage of travel through Scorpio at 29 degrees (Hades environment). Saturn (Cronus) is a great pattern maker for creating structures of power, governments of the world, and the determination to reign in one’s domain. He is the holder of the signature of each soul. Scorpio (Hades environment), is the psycho-spiritual realm of the deep darkness of our emotions; the subconscious levels that take charge and rule with and without conscious direction. It is the place in our personal unconscious in which we have held our beliefs, our falsehoods, our inhibitions, our wounds of human battle. It is our Lower Self….until we learn of who we truly are: Gods and Goddesses. Yet, it is the breading ground of creation, the powerful ground of our soul purpose and passion. It is the foundation of transformation, transmutation and the breeding ground of transfiguration. It is not only this for each person, but for the collective unconscious of our entire humanity. It can stir the wrath of war or the light of peace, that only occurs when the wounds of battle are healed and the compassion of understanding has been revealed.
In the dream, I found that Cronus has been speaking to his son, Hades and listening to this deep inner power express the need to change the foundational structures of the unconscious rules of the collective field of humanity. Cronus has been actively sharing the wisdom of how to release the old structures, false memories, wounds of psycho-spiritual battles, and limited realities. This time and travel through the realm of Hades has allowed father and son to create great changes and to challenge the people of the world to understand the domain they have before them. It is the last vestiges of humanities Fall and belief in Separation from God/Goddess. It has been an inner discussion within everyone: change your beliefs, memories and attitudes of separation. Get out of Hell—for it never existed anyway. Discontinue being the “evil ones” locked in old religious beliefs, family dysfunctions, wounded by unworthiness, sexual and substance abuses, and more. Stop being a Killing Field of the souls of the Great Creator. Rise up, transmute, ascend into the Light of Oneness.
Zeus (Jupiter), seen as the benevolent brother who would help his siblings come out of the underworld that they held court within, is next on the scene of Cronus’ desire to aid in the change. By September 19th, Cronus (Saturn) will be fully involved in Zeus’ environment. Saturn enters the domain of Sagittarius. He will bring to light the changes of the underworld of Hades. He will work within this environment to change the old structural patterning of the way we all see Truth, Courts of Law, Education, Travel, Religion, and above all true Benevolence. He will the hand of his son and urge the unconscious collective field of humanity gain clarity in the power to live in service to each other in ways that support One Family, holistic service, and the power to continue the evolution of Light. As Zeus (Jupiter) travels through Virgo and Cronus (Saturn) begins to travel through Sagittarius, they will join forces of grace and ease to guide the power of loving benevolence and service.
Cronus will not be without a connection to his son Poseidon (Neptune), as they are beginning to come together in a square aspect in the heavens. Cronus will be challenging Poseidon to agitate our emotional selves (hopefully not like an earthquake). We will be called into the Great Sea (Ocean of Consciousness) to remember our way to Oneness. Cronus will be encouraging the release of further use of illusion, substances that keep us lost in airy fairy land, and breaking down of old structures of religious beliefs that keep us separate from our Christ Self. Cronus will be reminding Poseidon that the eruption to be had is the eruption of world-wide love and compassion that holds honor to the Womb of the Universe as it continues to birth new patterns of living on this great Earth.

Ah, times are a changing (Cronus). We are a part of it…for we are not separate from the whole. However, we are graced with Free Will and Choice. Let us use this time of the eclipse, and the end-time of Saturn’s journey in Scorpio to trigger our Service to Humanity (and thus to our self), to make the great changes of living within the bounds of Love, Compassion, Peace and Harmony….it is part of the Great Sea, the Great Sky and the Great Underground.