At 5:05:40 pm Pacific Standard Time, the Moon and Sun join together once again. Never fails, once a month, they come together *-). The significance of this “coming together,” resides in the fact that they join in the zodiac sign of relationships, Libra. Their lights shine directly toward the Earth traveling Aries and Uranus, also traveling in Aries. This is the Axis of Relationships and the power of We vs. Me. These four star lights of the heavens form a sacred geometric shape with Pluto in Capricorn; the challenging T-Square.

Remember, challenges are always agitations within us. In this alignment, Uranus is in retrograde (Rx). I love the symbol of the retrograde because it is also the medical symbol of “prescription.” According to Ask History, the word prescription is derived from a Latin word, “recipe,” which means, “Take.” It further notes that the Rx symbol means the Eye of Horus, which produces great healing powers.

So what might we be seeing with Uranus in Rx? It is in the sign of Aries, which is associated with a Hebrew Letter, “Heh.” Its English translation is “Eye of God.” Uranus carries energy of independence, but also a very humanitarian quality, releasing freedom to be just who you are. Hmm, now put this together: The Sun is asking us to be at a higher level of consciousness in our relationship (most intimate partner), while the Moon is asking us to feel the harmony in our relationship (this may also be a business partner) and travel along life’s path with the honor of each person’s individuality (Uranus/Aries), uniqueness and independence. It perhaps is the prescription for the harmony all seek in their togetherness. Add the power of Pluto in Capricorn and you have the gift of being challenged to transmute your ideas about relationships and put them in a foundation of a new order of being together in the new world order. (Of course, take it into a bigger picture: Aires/Eye of God; Rx/Eye of Horus; and see how the world can form a more positive relationship with each other that leads to a greater acceptance of individuality and an independence that allows all people to form a better union.)

Mercury in Libra is helping us move into new awareness of our relationships. Mercury has left the Rx position it held and hopefully has brought the right prescription and awareness of how each person wants to relate via right communication, right choices and healthy awareness. Mercury is in a sextile (opportunistic alignment) with Saturn, who is now fully established in Sagittarius. This may help everyone see the blessings in relationships, with a foundation of romance, honor, and support that provides the desire in all people to maintain a firm dedication, determination, discipline and devotion to a more harmonious union.

Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all aligned in Virgo. The methodical foundation of Virgo, along with its foundation of health and service will be the ground in which Venus, Mars and Jupiter also help in the guidance of relationships. Virgo sets the stage for cooperation. Venus and Mars sets the action and attitude of passion, purpose, love and harmony; and Jupiter wants to expand it all in beneficial ways. Venus is in the opposition mode (relating mode) with Neptune in Pisces (Neptune is a higher order of Venus) and thus keeping everyone on their toes to journey into more sacred territory of loving, nurturing and expanding relationships. However, there is that very fine line between sacred and illusion and we all must be sure what territory we are walking in. Jupiter and Mars are opposing Chiron in Pisces…the gift of healing after we have addressed any wounded beliefs of how relationships must work.

Something to consider with the Virgo constellation is the power of Service and doing our “jobs.” In this case, we may realize that it is not just our relationships with our partners of love, but our relationship in our working world. How are we allowing ourselves to face the challenges that call us to attention and encouragement to be more in the healing, cooperative and harmonizing mode of relating to those we share most of a day with? May we all make sure we are in service to create the harmony, healing and sacred knowing of how important we all are to each other?

May you initiate your New Moon Consciousness into the realm of healing any disharmony within any relationship (including yourself). May you be blessed by the swing of oppositions you will experience throughout the month and realize that by the time we connect with the Full Moon, we will be experiencing the Scorpio-Taurus opposition: the axis of Soul evolution, cultivation, things we cannot control, and you know the rest.

Blessings to all,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.