Cosmic Alignment

New Moon is November 11, 2015 at 9:47:06 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The Sun and Moon are joined perfectly at 19 degrees 0 minutes of Scorpio. We are, perhaps, beyond the most intense time of Scorpio and now journeying on the downslope. May it be a breeze for everyone.

The Moon, the Sun, and Mercury are all aligned in a conjunction in Scorpio. Our minds (Mercury) are still swimming in the details of our inner being. Yet, the Sabian language of these alignments brings us a bit of wisdom. The Sun and Moon hold this message: “A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside.” Mercury aligns with the message: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.” Sweet messengers of the Light are coming through. We have learned what we needed in the dark time of Scorpio. We are ready to come forward in our innocent, renewed self–blessed by the changes we make. Since the message is “breaking”, it conjures up the reality that something is separating into fragments, perhaps two? The Two dark curtains?

While traveling the depths of our inner psyche with intention, we must use both our reasoning mind and our intuitive mind (two sides of the brain). The darkness may mean our challenges and fears, or simply the spaces of our inner realm that we are not familiar with, yet will lead us to the light. Therefore, whatever has been hidden can now be revealed and we can use the inner wisdom with clarity and the joyful spirit of our child-self that is willing to take risks and move on to the next adventure.

So, what might it be? Well, we can look at the New Moon Chart and realize several things. As always, we can look for the bright side of life or see the challenges before us. We can always see the challenges, but can we take them into the cauldron of higher wisdom and use them to create our changes. Can we use the “bright messengers” and gain the power of support and directive messages that encourage our growth?

What is noteworthy in the realm of challenge is Saturn in Sagittarius squaring up with Neptune in Pisces. They are old friends and enemies. Saturn held Neptune in captivity for many years after Neptune was discovered. Saturn was teaching Neptune how not to be lost in the sea of illusion, how to develop a discipline that would allow the sacred wisdom Neptune provide to be released into the world. Saturn released Neptune a few years ago, but now has come back to square off, test the discipline of Neptune’s release of wisdom and continue to call on the power to help humanity rise into higher intentions (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Anyone who does not like being “told what to do,” or to follow a disciplined path, will find this time very challenging. Neptune and Pisces are all about the holy path way of service to others, understanding the mystical wisdom, and living in Oneness. Yet, as you challenge the field of “I want to do it my way,” “I’m all about living through the fog of illusion, and substances that help me remain there.” “Airy Fairy dreaming of my greatest accomplishments without responsibility to all others;”  may find you more discouraged, angry and frustrated.  For those who don’t like the path of disciplines that leads one to the Holy Land of Oneness, or fear the risks of self denial, trouble may feel like it is on the doorsteps knocking louder. The “runaway, quit or hide syndrom” takes over. For those who are seeking the Truth, wanting to Live the Light, valuing the worth of mystical wisdom, then more gifts are about to flow through; for during this Saturn squaring Neptune time, you are given the opportunity to get rid of the old attitudes and enter the sanctuary of the power of order, the discipline of sacredness, and the benevolence of the Holy Spirit guiding you to higher wisdom and right use of Her field of energy. You will learn how to utilize the matrix of oneness in a manner you have not used before. Relax, surrender, and become this sacred. Don’t fight it, flow with it and discover the true regions of the mysteries of the universe.

Ah, another challenge, and yet reward comes through a pattern we are familiar with and for which I have mentioned over the years would truly not be through until 2016. That is the challenge of Pluto and Uranus squaring off with each other. Yes, they are applying the tension once again. Uranus (retrograde) is falling back onto the agitational alignment with Pluto. How are we seeing this alignment right now? A whole lot of unexpected events are occurring. Mysterious events even (such as how the Russian airplane went down). Serious health issues. IRS fraudulent calls. In our community we have had more killings, cop-involved shootings, standoffs, car chases that last through several counties. I find many people coming in and asking, “Are we at the end of the world?” Nope, just the greater power of the call to change and change Big Time. All of this power of unexpected changes with a death-defying reality are activated by Uranus and Pluto. And the Power of Scorpio adds to the intensity.

I always want to share the secrets behind the cosmos. The Universal Laws being activated. Of course in Scorpio is the Law of Transformation. The Sun – Law of Regeneration. The Moon – Law of Wisdom. Mercury – Law of Expression. Pisces carries the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth. Neptune carries the dual Law of Reflection and Reversal. Pluto is the Law of Soul Evolution. Sagittarius is the Law of Adaptation, while Saturn releases the Law of Universality. Uranus carries the Law of Love and Aries carries the Law of Worldly Development. Take some time to ponder these laws with the agitation of the planets, and the positive alignment that the Laws call us to recognize. We must dig in to the higher regions of our self to see the true gifts of what occurs when agitation is provide. Remember, square-offs in the heavens is simply a call to wake up, make a change, and focus on the higher reality you wish to accomplish.

Do we have the discipline to make something happen in a more sanctifying way? I so believe we do. Mars and Venus are still walking hand-in-hand; though one has a foot in Virgo (Mars) and the other a foot in Libra (Venus). Of course, Venus is the ruler and activator of Libra, so loves the frequency of nurturing a relationship, using the power of creative imagination and activating cause and effect for the right outcome. Mars sitting in Virgo may have a sight bit of an advantage. Mars is the law of purification and Virgo is that pure state of the Virgin calling everyone into the realm of purifying mind and body so the human holy temple can be an open vessel for the Divine Light.

Jupiter is also sitting in the power of Virgo and activating the joy of health and healing while supplying universal sustenance to the patterns of Virgo’s strong intent to make everything whole and perfect. Jupiter will remind Virgo to release some tension, take time to play, take some risks, and travel into joyfulness. Jupiter is opposing Chiron who sits in the field of Pisces in Retrograde. As Jupiter works with Chiron, a clarion call to heal and be healed continues, yet not so much through the shadows of discontent, but through the power to remember the sacredness of wholeness and the sustaining power of knowing we are always cared for, now matter what our need: health, love, money, career change, creative expressions of all kinds.

May you all put your finger on your intention to serve life in a way that is gratitude filled, fun-filled, and always nurturing yourself as you would nurture others. Above all, put your finger on the Divine Plan and nurture your relationship with Source.