At 3:14:08 a.m. on the first day of January we have a New Moon occurrence. We have a very rare experience to have a New Moon on New Year’s Day. Of course, most astrologers and mystical wisdom seekers find this to be auspicious. With the Moon, Sun, Pluto, and Mercury all conjunct each other in Capricorn, a greater power lines up for the world as well as our individual selves. But these 4 have one more partner in the region of Capricorn. Venus, presently in retrograde, is also in this powerful Zodiac sign, though not conjunct with the other 4. So, 5 out of 10 planets (11 if you count the Earth) are in Capricorn. Capricorn is the exuding energy of Achievement, the power to obtain fulfillment of your desires and be at the “head of the class” in your performance. Leadership takes over and in this world in need of changes in leadership, the glory of this alignment may be a prognosticator of what is to come.

I can’t go by without making the statement that Capricorn is the business environment, the field of your career, the head of corporations and governments, and the power that oversees the world. If you are having a bit of difficulty in any of these areas, remember to stop and be your personal authority so you can work most effectively in your worldly environment. Remember, Pluto is bringing up what has not been revealed before. This revelation is often not popular when drudged up through Pluto energy. However, the greater power is the Light that Pluto leads you to: the awareness of what needs to be changed to guide you to the most empowered state of existence.

Before going into even more explanation of the Astrological alignment of the New Moon, let me acknowledge that the Moon will be at her perigee: closest to the Earth and will be the closest of all new moons of 2014. This is another auspicious note for the energy is more strongly felt and utilized by our inner conscious, collective field of consciousness, and our personal intuition.

Because of these beneficial qualities, I urge any of you who follow a mystical intent to be more aligned with Source during the New Moon. Be alert to your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Be alert to how you are directing energy through these levels of yourself. Remember they are your T.E.A.M. (Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, Manifestation) and need to be congruent on all levels to manifest the most balanced outcome of your desires.

Pluto, the great transmuter, continues to take precedence in the great awakening of our need to change and treat the New World with the power and respect needed to cultivate the way of Peace and Harmony and Higher Conscious Living. It hot, steaming energy will help us continue to melt-down n the fields we need to transform. Pluto is calling all to transform our world from the old structure and create a new, powerful and enduring structure. In fact, as Pluto represents the power of the soil coming to its fallow point so new seeds can be planted, and Pluto (as well as the Moon, Sun and Mercury) are opposite the Earth (in Cancer) on this day of the New Moon, the Soul Soil of the Earth is being strongly activated to release, from its molten level, the power of the Divine intention to reveal the seeds of nurturing from the core of this 5th World into the home/hands of humanity. As Pluto vibrates with the Law of Soul Evolution we can see the Anima Mundi (World Soul) continues to respond to the higher intention of Great Change. Let us not forget that when we see the “worst of things,” we are ready to see the “best of things” that are revealed at the darkest point and the first impression of New Light. This New Moon is New Light and ready to be the revealer of the powerful new structures to come into expression in 2014. What will they be for you and for me?

With the Capricorn energy we can use diligence, determination, discipline and devotion to make sure we get what we say we want. We must utilize our Inner Wisdom (Moon), with our higher intention (Sun), while allowing transmutation to carry on (Pluto), and keep a focus of higher intention (Mercury) that leads us to our mental authority to see what we know is the Divine Intention and Live it to the fullest (Venus).

We have the formation of a Cardinal Grand Cross (and will most certainly see this strongly aligned in May as well). A Cardinal Cross initiates something new. It is also a Cross Road symbol. We are at the Cross Roads of a New World, New Month and New Year. Another auspicious moment of the New Moon. The Capricorn Stellium is arcing light to Mercury in Libra, who arcs light to Jupiter (also retrograde) and Earth in Cancer, and these two arc light to Uranus in Aries and from there back to the Stellium in Capricorn. Will this energy box us in or lead us to the power of being the Authority of our Destination? Will it call us to form harmony in the midst of frustration? Care in the midst of chaos? Humanitarian action in the midst of self-survival? We do have the option to take up the Highest Direction and steer our life towards the Oneness messages we all hear, say we believe and now must take action to live. Or, we can continue to say the responsibility of our human endeavors belong to “others” who can lead us through the land of human laws and regulations while we simply keep pace with our person needs, wants and desires. We can live independently or live as a family of independent thinkers, movers and shakers of the world connected to each other so the individual talents can be the soup of nurturing for everyone.

With Venus and Jupiter in retrograde, we will be using this time to reconsider our resources, understand what risks are viable and what are foolish, and set the pace toward long term successes with the resources we have and the resources we will cultivate. We will also use these two planets to surge ahead in relationships. We will be rediscovering what they mean to us and how they support our ability to remain stalwart in our journey to accomplish what our soul-prompting is, as well as feel the foundation beneath us as secure and benevolent.

Venus is a personal planet while Jupiter is called a social planet. So, personally we will be called to enter into review of our intentions, creative concerns, resources and relationships with Venus. With Jupiter, we will be asked to review our ability to be social with our family (it is in Cancer) and with the world at large. We will be asked to reassess our financial realities with both Jupiter and Venus and take time before spending to contemplate the value of what we are about to do and does it work with the greater whole of our intentions. Retrogrades always carry the energy to stop, pause, review, realign, and readdress where we are going. Great! Use the energy…you most certainly want to be sure you are using energy in the most effective way to achieve what you desire.

We can see the transformational energy continues. It is in Divine Right Timing. Be sure to be listening for what more will come in 2014 as I speak at our SPICA – Way of Light Church and our audio recordings that will be provided at on our “Downloads” page.