Cosmic Action – New Moon July 15th

At New Moon, there is not one planet that is left untouched by the arching light(s) of other planets. Certainly, we will feel the action of this energy. The Sun, so bright and brilliant, will be sitting so near Mercury, Mars, and of course, the moon, that it will outshine them. They, therefore, are not easily seen and also, more hidden in our inner consciousness.

What might this mean? Well, we may want to communicate our feelings (Mercury), but not feel safe to do that (Cancer influence). We may want to take action, but fee the need to wait and wade through our emotions (Mars in Cancer). And, we may be waiting for the light to shed a bit more on the family influence (Moon in Cancer) that we carry in our inner wisdom basket.

Oh, darn, more may keep us from an immediate action (or keep us from taking action too fast). The foursome mentioned above are opposite Pluto (in Capricorn). A greater hesitation may cause us to stall and be sure our inner authority is in the right gear; or we may fear outer authority (or our perception of it) has the corner on our decisions. Oh, my….may we truly have given up this battle. How about we see this opposition as a power to continue to transmute our old beliefs and perceptions (Capricorn) and take some action in a manner that allows us to consciously choose to live empowered, with a great foundation (Cancer) that will present us with the expression of our true potential? Breathe that breath of release because we are always living under the power of choice and we can do it.

Mars and Mercury for another arch of light with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. They form the sacred geometry of the T-Square. Agitation that is simply pulling on us to make our right choices, clean up our act, and communicate with our highest intentions.

As we walk through this Summer, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron are all in retrograde. The power to reflect, review, transmute and restructure is not just a call to our personal self, but with these planets and asteroid, we are asked to do this in the expanded world-wide arena. We have some powerful negotiations going on in our world. Now is a time to use this field for ourselves to meditate and reflect on our personal power to influence the world through our affirmations, prayers, and living in our own restructured attitudes of peace within and peace throughout the world.

The Sabian message for the Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer says, “A woman and two men on a bit of a sunlit land facing south.” Ah, what can this mean to us? This symbol is relating to a love triangle. A bit sunlit is an indication that is nothing is yet in full light. Consciousness is going to have to activate the power of choice and the wisdom of what is revealing a conflict and creating a challenge. As it is two men with one woman, it also reveals that a choice must be made as this triangle needs an adjustment for the harmony of companionship. What triangle are you wrapped in right now? Is it a relationship with others? Is it a relationship with a challenge in your career, wellness, etc? The message indicates facing South. That is a place of the Sun…the mid day, the place of action. Yet partially lit would indicate a lack of clarity for the action to occur. This New Moon message is showing the power of challenge is initiating agitations within our inner self. It is a power to use rather than believe it is a negative. It is the call to be alert, take on the realm of dominion with your cognitive mind (masculine) and subconscious mind (feminine) and form a union that creates the power and passion to truly live your highest qualities. For this Sabian message speaks of the sacral kingship. When using it in an empowered manner, we will let the Fire of Spirit rise where we can see all things as they truly are and make all the right choices to move forward with our inner and outer realities in conjunction with our highest power.