Contemplation of Good Friday and Easter
“The True Messiah is the Treasure Within Us that Presents Us with a Rebirth of Our Higher Consciousness that Lives the Grace of the Divine.”
As you read this note it is Good Friday. The day we stop and morn as well as honor the death of Jesus. Then we will enter Easter Morning on Sunday and celebrate in many ways. Sunrise services occur. Hunting for the precious eggs of life bring joy to everyone. The main focus is the Rise from Death that Jesus Ben Josef revealed and was noted as Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
We honor his teachings, wisdom shared, and blessings of his sacrifice of life, death, and rebirth into the full holiness of Light, the Messiah. We turn our focus to the miracles and messages he shared while in a human body.
What is the Messiah? In our religions, we believe it is a Savior. One who brings us from our personal and worldly devastation. We understand it is one who keeps us from living an unholy existence and who will open the gates of a “heavenly” existence when our souls leave the constraints of our earthly body and earthy existence. But is this the truth? Let me diverge for a bit.
Many years ago I was traveling to teach a Qabalah class. Sitting next to me was a curious woman who was peeking into my booklet. She wanted to know what I was reading. Usually I don’t get into deep discussions because the wisdom of Qabalah is not quickly presented. However, I felt propelled to do so. I told her I was reviewing what I was going to teach about Qabalah and the mystical secrets of the Tree of Life. She was curious. Yet it was setting her up for a different flow of the conversation.
“I believe in Jesus Christ. Do you?” She asked. The tone of her voice was just slightly confrontational.
“I do,” I said, with a tone that made her speak further.
“I don’t believe in the false teachings of Qabalah.” Her tone was not sharp, but it was firm. I remained quiet as I realized she likely did not know anything about Qabalah. Then she went into her very special message. “I believe in Jesus Christ who saves us from our sins.” She discussed her view for about 10 minutes describing the necessity for all of us to take that stance. Her indication that my studies of Qabalah was a sin and Jesus could save me from this faltering level of myself flooded through her words.
I kept feeling a sadness within me. She began to bring pictures of “Our Dear Savior,” to my attention. I finally realized that I was feeling quite sorry for Jesus, a Master who taught us a greater wisdom and one who was not even Christian (that name and that movement came after his death). He was a Jewish man. He was a traveler of the world, speaking of his greater wisdom to those who would listen, and teaching that what he knew everyone could know, and what he did, everyone could do. He was a student of the world as well, and may have learned much from the Tibetan teachers. Many scholars have indicated he studied many other sacred teachings.
Jesus was a man who taught that who he was, everyone could be. He healed and  everyone could heal. He shared that we all came from the same place, revealing that the Father God was the father of everyone. He taught us to move beyond the “Sin bearing belief.”
I turned to the woman and said, “You believe Jesus died for our sins, correct?”
“Most certainly,” she said and her voice indicated I most certainly should also.
“Then why are we still calling ourselves sinners?” I asked. “We must not be living the blessings of his journey through an Earthly life. We are not honoring that message of his dying for our sins and the need to discontinue living in condemnation of ourselves.”
The woman looked at me strangely and repeated he died for our sins. I simply remarked, “I feel very sad for Jesus. We must not have believed his sacrifice if we are still saying he has to save us and we are still sinners. What a sacrifice he made and we do not honor it.”
The woman turned to read a book. I continued to review my class booklet. When we were ready to land she brought out one more item from her bag. It was a paper, folded similar to the ones we used in elementary school to create a cootie catcher. But hers was designed with pictures of the Life of Jesus and finished with this brilliant light he was entering after is transition from death and preparation to asend. The script stated: “Jesus, Our Messiah, Saves Us From Our Sins.” I nodded and reached for my carry-on.  I thanked her for sharing her messages, for it made me contemplate much more the meaning of Messiah.
So, what is the Messiah? What is this time of year all about? Most assuredly for the Christian population it is about Jesus. It is about a rebirth. It is about renewal. Our Indigenous People of the world constantly shared the wisdom of rebirth and renewal at this time of year. We placed it in a different context as we limited ourselves in self-condemnation through a dogmatic teaching rooted in teacher long after Jesus left his Earthly existence.
In the teachings of the Tree of Life, the Messiah is another name given to us. It is the aspect of each Being who reaches a state of awareness that they are the Divine essence living as a Soul, expressing in Spirit and Matter. The true Messiah is the treasure within us that presents us with a rebirth of our higher consciousness that lives the Grace of the Divine in all forms: Earthly or Ethereal.
Our inner Messiah is the blessing of saving ourselves from a limited understanding of our essence. When we experience our Inner Messiah, we do learn we are more than a human wrapped in our body, mind, emotions, ego and challenges of this existence. We also learn that we no longer have to suffer from Self Inflicted Negativity (S.I.N.) We learn we have an inner mastery released by the qualities of a higher nature within our own self. It is then we begin to clear ourselves from the trappings of hurt, anger, defensiveness, egotistic waves of self-approval or self flagellation, and the ultimate belief that we need someone or something else to provide us our true harmony. We learn we are holy, even embodied on the Earth.
In fact, we can understand the teachings of the man, Jesus Ben Josef, a Messiah, regarding the messages of how we can live as he lived, do as he did, die and rebirth in the Light of our higher nature. We can understand the he revealed miracles, moved beyond limited beliefs of his era, and shared what he knew so that others could “follow” that teaching and become wise ones in their own right. In fact, the message that he called people to “Follow Him,” was a message to “Mimic” what he did until we could listen and respond to the Messiah within our own self.
Using the wisdom of correspondence, we can see mystical fields of knowledge in each letter of S.I.N. Universal laws correspond to each letter:
S = Law of Soul Evolution
I = Law of Wholeness
N = Law of Transformation
Thus, we can say as our soul evolves it enters wholeness through the doorway of transformation. This is also wisdom within the mystical teachings of Jesus.
As we honor “Good Friday” and “Easter,” may we honor Good Friday as a Day to surrender the old and painful ways of our thinking and believing in our separation from our holiness. May we go quietly into contemplation on Saturday, only to arise on Sunday with the renewal of our Sacredness and an honoring to all Master Teachers who have been sharing this message for Thousands of Years: We are the Messiah. We are a Christed One. We are a Buddha. We are a Master. We are capable of living as a healer, teacher, and fluently abundant being.
And for this Sunday, April 1st, let us not be fooled by negative beliefs within ourselves that we are sinners. Let us honor the Messenger, Jesus Ben Josef, a Christed Being and say:
“Thank you for the memory. Thank you for the teaching. Thank you for impressing the human collective field to know that they do not have to remain in Self Inflicted Negativity. From our heart to your heart, we are grateful that you are a teacher of the Higher Truth of our existence. May we live this wisdom and celebrate our renewal.”