Yah think?


So much is going on in our world!

Yah think?


Yes, we are thinking our world into its existence every day and much is going on. Of course, we have Divine Mind guidance to fulfill a Divine Plan, but we need to recognize that our singular soul-state of the Divine Mind, which is our Personal Reality of Creative Power, has the power and rhythm of Free Will and Choice. It is our responsibility to step up in the Power of Choice and allow our Free Will to direct the positive outcome we claim to want.


How might we do that?

We must realize that how we are talking about the course of our world is exactly what is creating our worldly reality. Our speaking (to ourselves or to others) is filled with opinion, doused in emotion, flooded with unconscious attitudes (good or negative), and focused on ego-response needs. Yep, we want someone to agree with us, fill up our esteem and devote their creative power into the direction of our thought-form vision of a reality we are talking about in out worldly development.

We can choose to look at this Personal Reality of Creative Power from a Collective Agreement or our own personal agreement focused on our desires. From our personal reality we can recognize if we are forming the thoughts, emotions, and opinions from an ego fear-based reality or from the Higher Wisdom from within. From the Collective Agreement, we can see what is happening in our Human Collective Conscious Field by recognizing our World-Wide manifestations:

Yep, we have war, famine, genocide, homicide, political dysfunction, addictions at all levels, and abuses that are horrifying. This, too has been played out by the collective conscious acceptance. But It Needs to Be Our Old Story thrown in the Fire of Annihilation. Let’s be done with the old story, the old thinking, emoting and negative opinions so we can honor the other Collective Agreement that is occurring.

Our Soul Group of Human Beings has been revealing a Higher Collective Agreement through the doorways of Transpersonal Development, the Windows of Metaphysics, and Causal Conduit of Mysticism, to Re-Member our Oneness. Through these portals of awareness, we collectively used our Free Will and Choice to open the Channels of Divine Intention to reveal a greater expanse of the Rays of Light that align with our Collective Agreement to activate:


* our desire to remember Oneness

* our desire to cultivate the gardens of new and more positive and progressive experiences

* open to the pathway of humanitarian compassion

* development of our acceptance of “Difference Matters because it Reveals the Colors of the Divine Presence in Material Form.”

Our Collective Agreement radiates the Power of Love that:

* stirs great desires to create a world of Intelligence that can develop ways and means to expand our dynamic capabilities in all fields of endeavors to bring Great Spiritual Ideals in the Realm Matter and human use.

* opens to universal compassion and care to support All Living Creatures (including human living creatures)

What is beyond our iPads, Notebooks, travel through the galaxy, and even interaction with the galactic field of other souls? What is the power that we can use to create the gardens to feed all of humanity, dress all the unclothed, heal all the repressed, wounded and ill? What is the potential to esteem all the intelligence revealed by individuals, cultivate a world of Peace, weave the sharing of talents from one person to another, one group to another and one continent to another? What is the collective agreement that provides a field of opportunities the likes humanity has not seen before?




It is our power to choose to live, think, talk and respond to this Light rather than use up our energy in the negative thinking, emotional stirring and flood of dark memories that keep the old pot stirred and the true elixir waiting at the bottom of our unconsciousness to be used.

 How are you using your Free Will and Choice in your thinking, emoting, believing, talking, sharing and activating manifestations?

Come and Join the New Age–The Age of Oneness. Think, Emote and Speak only of the Highest Will and Create the Blessed Outcome of Humanitarian Harmony, Spiritual Awareness, and Collective Light. In this way, you will personally see positive results in all you need, want and desire….and ultimately, you will see the positive results sprout, thrive and survive throughout our human world. (It already exists in the Ethereal Dimensions encoded in the Holographic Life Script.)