That statement, “Clarify what you want.” Is always important when you are attempting to manifest something into your life. It takes your attention, intention and, most certainly, the clarity of what you do want to be in the forefront of your attitude.

The wonderful news, is that you are not along in reaching this state of consciousness. The Grand Universe is working with you through the Lunar cycles. Today, March 26th, the crescent moon begins its ascent of light and over the next three days, this energy will help you focus your attention, feel your intentions and most certainly, clarify what you want.

The Moon herself is reflecting the Go For It energy of the Sun (in Aries/Alder), while it journeys through the cultivating vibration of Taurus/Willow. The vibration of this quality will help you retrieve the voice of your soul so you can take action in clarifying what you want to bring to fruition throughout this lunar month. Emotional stability can be yours (especially if you don’t let fear be your guide). With emotional stability, you can gain the deeper feeling of your soul urges and work from the resilience and resourcefulness of your soul intention.

Venus is sitting right next to the moon and she is in her own sign where she provides action of the purposeful intention you are carrying. She provides you with the ability to visualize what you want while you are feeling the emotional resourcefulness to cultivate your ideas and creative imaginings that are merging from your feeling nature to your idea nature.

The Moon and Sun are arcing a bit of agitation to each other…Good! Agitation means you feel the need to do something rather than be stagnant and incapable. Venus is in an agitated state with Pluto in Capricorn and this may call you to question your purpose in the world at large, what you need to create to succeed, and whether or not you should remain in your present career…..hold off, don’t take a leap just yet, remember, Mercury, Mars and Saturn are in retrograde. Let the soul cauldron be stirred, but let it continue cooking the ideals, impulsing your heart and imagination, and presenting ideas for you to consider.

The fixed stars helping right now are Ras Alhague, Denebola, Rigel, and SPICA.

Ras Alhague calls forth the Desire to Heal a Wound (get you beyond the old subconscious fears) and is aspecting to the Moon (your inner feelings), Earth (to manifest), the Sun (to reach your higher nature), Mercury (to be focused in your higher communication), Venus (to take creative action with your resourceful knowledge and ability to interrelate), Mars (you wisdom to purify whatever is on the path and then move forward).

Denebola charges the energy to go against Society….we can see that happening with individuals who are meeting in groups and asking our governments and authorities to make a change. For yourself, it may be calling you to look at your social reality and decide it is not working for you….How will you make a change with benevolent attitudes, for this fixed star is aspecting Jupiter which is in Taurus attempting to get you to realize your worthiness, your ability to cultivate your abundance and your willingness to expand your soul wisdom?

Rigel is a fixed star that radiates an energy that calls forth the energy to bring knowledge to others. Rigel is sending the aspects of energy to Saturn in Libra. Most certainly, asking that you share what you know with your most intimate relationship.

Finally, the fixed star SPICA is sending aspecting vibrations to Uranus and Neptune. Uranus is in Aries Neptune is in Pisces. Both planets ask that we extend our wisdom through the Transpersonal and Mystical realms, take action with that wisdom (Aries), move out of illusionary or delusionary attitudes (Pisces) so wisdom can be shared with the world through sacred means. SPICA carries the vibration of encouragement for The Potential for Brilliance.

Ah, what a wonderful collaboration of energy to work with as we all are encouraged to clarify the desires we have right now.


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