April 22, 2018 is Earth Day. Why not celebrate and honor Earth Mother everyday? We can bring our conscious awareness to the vibrations we are imprinting on Earth Mother. What is your signature? Relax, breath and center yourself as you listen to the sound vibration of Celebrate Earth. Toning starts at 8:56

A Time to Celebrate and Honor the Grace of Earth Mother
While contemplating this article for today, I was contemplating the Divine Presence:  The Mother, Birther of All Life.  It is the essence of the Feminine Quality of God.  It is the Allness that we contemplate when we enter the field of meditation and oneness with the Holy Spirit.  We feel Her Grace:  blessings given without our earning Her favor.  I turned my focus to Mother Earth.  As the Divine Graces Mother Earth, Mother Earth Graces us.
This incredible place we live on top of, walk across its body, and seem to take it for granted, continues to offer us Grace.  Her blessings are many.  She stabilizes each of us as we walk around this manifest world.  Her atmosphere of gravity, keeps us well planted versus floating somewhere in the realm of the Milky Way Galaxy.  She presents us with the trees that help us breathe much needed oxygen to stay alive in our physical bodies.  Her water sustains us.  She gives us food from her soil.  Earth gives us the changing seasons and weather as her atmosphere changes in cycles and jet streams.  She nurtures all animals, sea creatures, those who fly, walk, and those who crawl.  We partake of these blessings in our menu of food as well.   Her body produces the items that we transform to make buildings, vehicles, and all that we see that make our communities.  Her blessings flow.  May our appreciation grow, our respect be active, and our love be present.
On the website, www.timelesscryptogramsofhealing.com, a video has been created to Celebrate Earth.  I’ve shared a story of my experiences of Earth Day.  I’ll repeat a bit more here.
On March 9, 1970,  I was giving birth to my fourth child.  In the midst of this blessing, days had been filled with the need to be of service to Earth.   Humanity was called to be aware of over population (oh, my and I had just had baby number 4).  We heard of the challenge that we likely would not be able to continue to feed humanity if our population continued to grow.  We also began to uncover environmental challenges of pollution and its effects seen in the dying of species of plants and animals, even areas of depleted soil.  Our water ways were drying up.  The air we breath was filling up with toxins.  Worry overcame us. Thus, the salute to Earth Day occurred on April 22, 1970.  It was the call to be co-partners with Earth Mother.
Many of us began a campaign of wailing.  We mourned for the Earth, future generations, and the species of the world.  We are still wailing.   We are not hearing the call.
What is that Call?  Ah, to be co-partners of this Grace-filled Earth. We are being called to be those who know we were given a sovereign assignment.   We were called to be the Monarchs and be supreme commanders of the environment in which our Souls travel in bodies!  But shall it be on Earth Day?  Shall we march, write articles (hmm, hmm), sing songs, demand change on Earth Day, April 22?.  Yes and No!
Why do I say no?  Because the medicine woman I studied under some 27 years ago taught me to say “no” to just one day.  As I asked her if we were going to perform a ceremony for Earth day and I was taken back at her shocked expression as though I had asked a foolish statement.  Her look seemed to say, “Are you crazy?  No!”  She was certainly shocked at my question.  I was thoroughly confused at her look.  After all, her, a full-blooded Native American.  One who honored and taught respect of Earth.   Her answer was a thorough cut through my wisdom gate.
“As Native Americans, we don’t celebrate Earth Day once a year.  We celebrate it every day!  We are Earth’s caretakers every day.”  A blast into my heart-mind occurred.  She was right!  We need to be active participants everyday.  Not just morning prayers.  Not just words of honor to the Sky Father and Mother Earth.
As Earth Mother provides Grace, we need to provide her our Grace.  She does not need to earn our respect.  She does not need to earn our actions to help maintain her sustaining Grace of air, water, fire, animal, plants, and minerals.  Our Grace to her is to take daily action, daily honoring, daily love as she images the Grace of the Divine. We need to take part in all ways that we can.  Most assuredly in our individual offerings, we need to offer our blessings and aid her cultivation of the Graces we are given to sustain our life and all life on the Earth.
May we all remember our sovereign duty every day in all ways that we can support Earth Mother  and as we also honor the Divine Presence.   At the end of the day may we put our “signature” on the canvass of life with a heart felt knowing we are all in union.