Mabon 2023

Presented by Shannon Hamilton
The Autumn Equinox is a harvest celebration known as Mabon and recognized by the Druids as Alban Elfed

Hazel 2023

Viewing the star alignments for New and Full Moon expressions for this month and the rest of the year is quite interesting. As has been noted for quite a long time, we continue to bridge from one influence to another. This month is no exception as we step into Hazel,...

Lammas 2023

Presented by Shannon Hamilton
Lammas is the 5th Festival of a Druidic year. It means, “Feast of August”.

Holly 2023

We are bridging from Oak Moon to Holly Moon and will be completing our Oak/Cancer experience at this New Moon.   The Moon will enter the field of Holly/Leo on July 17 at 11:40 p.m.  Then, on July 22 at 9:00 pm CDT, the Sun enters Holly/Leo.  Before our Month is over,...

Oak 2023

As we continue to cross the bridge from Hawthorn into the realm of Oak Moon Mother, we do have the choice to use the gift of the powers within us.  We have a choice to listen to the sounds and sense the light waves of messages our souls are presenting.  What messages...