Willow 2023

Oh, my…we enter the Willow cycle while the New Moon and the Sun are still aligned in Aries. In fact, they are at 29 degrees, 5 minutes Aries/Alder…a critical point, and a Solar Hybrid Eclipse at that! Because Earth’s surface is curved, sometimes an eclipse can shift between annular and total as the Moon’s shadow moves across the globe.

Ash 2023

As we enter the lunar month of Ash/Neptunia, we enter the field of the Great Ocean of Consciousness. This is a deep, mysterious, and wondrous field of the Soul. We can discover that it truly carries all wisdom, if we are willing to feel and listen before we think....

Rowan 2023

Our second lunar month of soul currents bring us into the Rowan Moon Mother vibrations and her cohort, Urania, who moves the sacred vibrations of Universal Love. Rowan, The Universal Law of Luminosity and Illumination aligned with the light of energetic currents of...

Reed 2022

Yes, we are entering the dark realm of the year in our Northern Hemisphere. We are supported through this portal of darkness with a Partial Solar Eclipse at New Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse at Full Moon. Don’t eclipse your inner wisdom, emotions, or clear thinking. Use the shadowy corridors wisely.