Rowan 2023

Our second lunar month of soul currents bring us into the Rowan Moon Mother vibrations and her cohort, Urania, who moves the sacred vibrations of Universal Love. Rowan, The Universal Law of Luminosity and Illumination aligned with the light of energetic currents of...

Reed 2022

Yes, we are entering the dark realm of the year in our Northern Hemisphere. We are supported through this portal of darkness with a Partial Solar Eclipse at New Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse at Full Moon. Don’t eclipse your inner wisdom, emotions, or clear thinking. Use the shadowy corridors wisely.

Ivy 2022

Harvest time continues. During harvesting we not only reap from our harvest, we share our harvest with others, and we give thanks to the Great One who has provided us the means to be the gardeners and reapers of our gardens of life. Last month I spoke about harvesting...

Hazel & Grapevine 2022

We have a theme for 2022 and that is to move out of the shadows of our personal self and into the Light of our true being. We are called to do this through the Powers of Passion, Joy, and Ecstasy. It takes the act of shape-shifting to do it. On August 27, 2022 at 3:17:06 am CDT, we begin a phase of transformation that carries us through the next three lunar cycles.

Holly 2022

The New Moon of Holly is exact at 12:55 p.m. Central Daylight Time on July 28, 2022. Most certainly a time for all of us across our nation to be fully awake and aware. There is much to be aware of in the Light of our True Self, especially if we have been excavators of our inner nature, day in and day out. Have you been to the Inn of your True Self? It is where you harvest from each and every day.

Oak 2022

The poem of Oak holds secret mysteries for us to unravel as the New Moon begins to unfold its sacred wisdom on June 28th at 9:52:15 p.m. CDT. “The birthing of your dream is near.” This statement is actually a hint of a polarity in action. In order to maintain a positive regard of polarities, we are called to keep a balance-point so we may see what essential attribute each marker on the opposite ends has for us.