Celebrate Earth – Earth Day 2018

April 22, 2018 is Earth Day. Why not celebrate and honor Earth Mother everyday? We can bring our conscious awareness to the vibrations we are imprinting on Earth Mother. What is your signature? Relax, breath and center yourself as you listen to the sound vibration of Celebrate Earth.

Influenza Cryptogram

Several of my clients are down with colds and flu, fevers and feeling awful. Here is the Cryptogram for Influenza – Colds and Flu. I invite you to listen below as you view the cryptogram. Cryptogram – Influenza PDF

All Souls Day – Samhain

We all have loved ones whose soul has left the Earth and lives in Spirit. We miss them. We want to communicate with them. Some people communicate with their loved ones and ancestors. Other’s may not. Still other’s cannot even fathom the possibility. Yet many cultures...

Cryptogram for helping Disaster Victims

A Client/Student asked me if I knew what the word Zaka meant.  I knew it was Hebrew but did not know what it means.  Its ultimate meaning is True Kindness.  However it also means:  Identification, Extraction and Rescue.  In Israel there is a first responders group,...