Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Cosmic Notes for the new Moon in Taurus – May 19, 2023 at 10:53 a.m. By Carrie Gane The new Moon and Sun are at 28 degrees (almost 29 degrees) of Taurus at new Moon time. Like last month, we are beginning the “new Moon” period in the fading energy of the previous...

Eclipses Bring A Critical Moment

COSMIC NOTES FOR NEW MOON IN WILLOW – 11:12 pm on April 19, 2023 By Carrie Gane The new Moon this month begins in an unusual way. Although the Moon is traveling through Taurus this month, we begin with the new Moon in the very last degree of...

Beltane 2023

Presented by Shannon Hamilton
Beltane is the 3rd Festival of the Druid year. It is the time of sensual, creative vibrations that stirs desires for ultimate possibilities in ones life.

Willow 2023

Oh, my…we enter the Willow cycle while the New Moon and the Sun are still aligned in Aries. In fact, they are at 29 degrees, 5 minutes Aries/Alder…a critical point, and a Solar Hybrid Eclipse at that! Because Earth’s surface is curved, sometimes an eclipse can shift between annular and total as the Moon’s shadow moves across the globe.

A Fluid Moment is Emerging!

New Moon in Aries on March 21, 2023 at 12:22 pm CST By Carrie Gane The new Moon occurs at 12:22 pm CST on March 21, 2023 in the sign of Aries. This new Moon kicks off a new year in the astrological calendar! We are beginning a new cycle. We are not only moving into...