April 3, 2015     Today is a day when the word “Sacrifice” is used.  In the Jewish tradition it is Passover and the honoring of the sacrifice of one’s ancestors who fled Egypt.  A greater honor is given to the sweet intervention of Gd as the people were led away from destruction of their lives.

In the Christian tradition the honor is the Sacrifice of Jesus Ben Josef, as he gave his life on the cross.  His living the power of the Holy Spirit is honored as his love for all people and the guidance of a willingness to die in order to live his Christed-self  is honored.  The ultimate sacrifice.  He is honored for having died for “our sins.”

No matter what our traditions, this is a time we think of sacrificing.  I have often used an acronym for Sin.  When we honor the ancestors and the Christed One for their sacrifice for future generations and humankind to discover harmony, love, equality and the honoring of difference, we might take a look at what we can sacrifice.  If we look at the word S.I.N. as the acronym, then we may consider sacrificing Self Inflicted Negativity and turn to the power to Sacredly Invite Nirvana.

May you sacrifice what is not of the highest and good for all and welcome the energy of harmonious love.  This is the greatest respect we can give to our ancestors and masters who have come before us and presented a way to live as a caring and nurturing human family.

Love and Blessings

Rev. Katherine Bell