It is All Yours to Build!

Hello Everyone:
We know it is time to start a new year when Winter Solstice has been celebrated and the cycle of Birch returns. It is suitable moments of letting go and beginning again. It is the experience of releasing old desires and starting new dreams. I love to set out by examining the meaning of the year using languages of wisdom such as: Tibetan Numerology, Hebrew Letter correspondences, Universal Laws, Astrology, symbology within the Faces of WomanSpirit, Tarot, and other mystical wisdom. Perhaps you have correspondences you love to add. I hope you do. It builds on the wisdom underlying the mystery that will unfold as the year reveals its magick. This year I am going to be writing about the Universal Laws that we will use consciously and unconsciously. Within the written work throughout the year will be the influence of the other symbolic “languages” of wisdom.
We celebrate Christmas as we begin this cycle. Hanukkah was honored on December 22nd and Kwanza will be honored on December 26th . Of course, during this cycle we will celebrate New Year’s Day. We are all experiencing our sacred celebrations, ending a year throughout the world, and preparing for 2020. Please know there is no actual Celtic ritual during this lunar cycle. We completed the 8 Celtic Festivals of the year with Winter Solstice. The cosmic influence notes as well as the Birch video and Prayer/Meditation video will be on the website: May everyone have a blessed holiday season.
With all of that said, let me review the meaning of our year 2020 (Twenty Twenty) before writing of our lunar month. As I have been noting for the last several years, we are in the century of “20″ and review and explore the meaning through the correspondence of Plutonia in the WomanSpirit deck, Judgement in Tarot, and Pluto in Astrology. The power of Plutonia, et al, is the power of transmutation: the ability to transform something to such a complete state, that it no longer will look like it was, and thus, cannot perform as it once did. In Mysticism it is the “Judgement Day,” of our soul as it ends a certain level of existence and prepares for a new state of its perpetual existence (and, of course, it does not mean we have to physically die in order to end and begin again). This is also noted in the Universal Law of Soul Evolution associated to Plutonia. Through the mystical realm of Plutonia, we move into the deepest wisdom of our self and the perpetual intelligence of the Universe, if we are willing to seek the highest knowledge presented to us. As we enter this year, we have two essences of 20 to work with and work through (2020). I see this as an extremely powerful year. Will we go to the inner depth of ourselves, get beyond the extreme beliefs of falsehoods, karma, lower ego challenges, and debilitating beliefs so we will rise to a higher wisdom? Or will we work on struggling more in the muck of limitations and false beliefs of who we are? We have powerful universal energy to bring us into a greater awareness. Here is more to consider.
Pluto/Plutonia is the great leveler. So often we see it as the energy that pulls us into the attention of our lower ego and need to explore the feeling of being less than or better than everyone else. It calls us to correct the habits and conditions that leave us living a falsehood of our true nature. Its vibration will pull the “rug out from under” us when we do not listen to the inner call to let go of the lower ego and transmute false beliefs about who we truly are and recognize that we are just as important as others and others are as important as us. It is a call to walk hand-in-hand creating a harmonious world. We are urged to pay close attention to the illusions we have believed as true that keep us experiencing the same old life choices, restrictions, and antiquated beliefs that we are not responsible for how we have created our life. In the illusions, we carry beliefs that someone else has created our reality and we can do nothing about it. The Plutonia/Pluto action guides us to learn how to recognize how to move out of boundaries of false conceptions. It guides us to take on the gifts and true power that is within us without the egotistical bent of putting ourselves above others or beneath others; and perhaps as God/Goddess would put it, “Do not think you are beneath or above Me for We are one and the same. Create your world with Divine Wisdom that you are the Creator Creating and your world will change to a plane of joyful, creative, and peaceful existence.”
Pluto/Plutonia is the dark corridor to the greater light and the secret of the numerical associations of 2020 will present us more wisdom. Of course, when we add 2+0+2+0 our sum will be 4. I will write about that in a bit. Let me honor the 2 and the 0 and the secret laws within those numbers. The 2 carries the Law of Wisdom and the 0 Carries the Law of Love. Through wisdom we gather the power of love to such an extent we free ourselves from beliefs that we are less than or greater than anything. We come into the knowing that we are all an important aspect of creation and very much needed to keep creation in its ever-evolving state. Keep in mind the phrase, “It takes a village….” We are the Village of the Universe and we are the inspiration for the Universe to create as we reveal our dreams and desires.
In our human world we have a village that continues to help us create. Where and who is your village that is helping you, inspiring you, and honoring your talents? Within your village who are you helping, adding to their life, inspiring their talent, and honoring their very essence? Universal Love has no judgement. It is Grace personified in every being. It is the energy that expands creative flow and mastery. We have this energetic reality in 2020, and we have the wisdom to use express it all.
What about the 4? I love to review this number in so many ways. It has the correspondence to the Law of Worldly Development, the Eye of the Divine, and the power of Authority within ourselves. It carries the vibration of action, direction, passion, purpose, and intent. It is the expression: “I AM; I AM THAT; I AM THAT THAT I AM!” Thus, this year we are moving through deeper and greater transmutation into the realm of I AM. Are we in the range of knowing I AM THAT CREATOR CREATING? I believe we are. When we truly understand this and live it, we can clear the platform of creating what we don’t want and truly create as we are made to as Masters of Love, Masters of Wisdom, and Masters of working with Spirit and Matter. As Earth-bodied Spirit, we are the magnetic field attracting the creative energy of the Ultimate Allness. We need our Eye of the Creator activated so we may “see” and attract what we want, with the highest intent and integrity for the good of all. May this be a year we all understand: I AM THAT CREATOR CREATING.

Law of Worldly Development. This law reiterates the choice of Source to manifest Itself through the corridors of Matter. The Universal impulse creates the quiver of positive and negative poles, instigating the power of contracting and repelling vibrations that stimulate the current of action and materialization. When we are working with this Law, we reveal an attribute to create and develop. We set plans into order as well as a course of action. We attract and repel ideas until the one right idea is set to structure our plan into a materialized reality. We constantly keep a focus on our goal by being skilled in the area of our desire and maintain the right use of our Will Power and attitude of knowing we create our own reality. We develop our desire, step-by-step and use a constant forward motion to keep stimulated and practicing our power as a leader and manifestor of dreams.
An impulse exists within each person that is provided from Source and encoded in the soul expression in order to develop through the World of Existing Matter. For us, that means we are developing our worldly experiences on the Earth. Atoms vibrate at frequencies of positive and negative poles and the constant attraction and repulsion of the atoms causes the activation of matter. This is initiated through the agency of Universal Consciousness and a responsive event occurs in our Soul conscious, which in turn impulses your Personal consciousness, to create and honor the insistence of Source to build the material world.

The symbol on the opening page with stairs and 2020 and the Eye of the Divine in the center is a representation of the power of this year. We can go deep down and transmute, bring forth the Divine consciousness, use the Divine Eye to see and develop our world, and climb into the higher recesses of intention to be a power, within our individual self, and participate in the transmutation of our world for the greater good!
How might we use this power throughout the Lunar Cycles? I have been guided to write about the polarity of the Outer and Inner Awareness of the Laws stirring in our continuous flow of ideas and feelings each month as well as the Activator we will use to unify the outer and inner qualities. May you use the year effectively to hone your gift of being a creator creating. Let’s begin with the Outer Power or the Power of Birch and the active power of Saturnea.
Birch: Active Conscious – Power of the Law of Living
The start of new plans is just under the surface of our attention as we move through the holidays. Yet it is there, and in fact, fully planned by the essence of our soul-self. It is completely created as initiated by our Source-Self. What it needs is our attention in order to develop and be seen in our human existence. Using the power of this year (2020) of deeper and more emphatic urging from our soul evolution and seeing from the single eye of the creator (4), Birch provides us a foundation for allowing the plans to be revealed and unfold day-to-day, month-to-month, and obviously throughout the year. How? Ah, Birch presents us with the outer encouragement to set the foundation for achieving what we feel from the depth of our Soul.
There is a sweet secret in symbols of this card that calls us to the soul level. It is the cave of the sleeping bear. The cave is the doorway to the soul. The bear is the power of slumber or the dream state that allows the soul-dream to stir within and encourage the genesis of what is to manifest from the realm of nonmatter-to-matter. The soul is weaving though the dimensions to gather universal information and energy in order to transform designs and desires into matter.
Birch corresponds to Earth, which is a Yin energy, a magnetic field. We are the embodiment of Yin energy, thus, we are the magnetic attraction of the Yang…the force of creativity, the Source of Creation, The I AM. It also aligns with the law that we will be using through our cognitive state and outer actions. It is the Law of Living. We must live with the excitement of knowing we are the working consciousness of the soul.
We are the masters weaving and it is our strength of consciousness to purposefully and with willful attention move within the dimensions.
Here is the explanation of the Universal Law of Living:

The Law of Living reveals that we are living in multidimensions all at once. We only appear to be living in the 3rd dimension alone, and separated from Source, guardians and souls departed from the Earth plane. As we seek to understand this state of consciousness, we are aware of this activation within our individual selves.
We feel, know and act from more than one dimensional awareness all of the time, and can recognize how we are existing beyond our personal perceptions. We can live with one eye open and one eye closed, and believe in limited realities only. Or, we can open our eyes to the Greater Truth and Greater Wisdom and live fully, moment-by-moment, aligned with a more complete awareness of our Inner and True Power.
Dimensions of consciousness include: Our personal reality, our subconscious reality, the collective unconscious of our Earthly tribe, the automatic consciousness of the galaxies, and the total and complete consciousness of the Divine. Our dimensions are filled with matter and non-matter. We are experiencing all of it all of the time….we are Living!
As you continue to contemplate the power of multidimensional living, how are you allowing yourself to be in a more effective use of the higher dimensions. Are you understanding the power of That which is Above is That which is below by realizing the higher dimensions are seen in the lower dimensions? For Instance, the 1st Dimension is the containment of Source to be utilized in the expression of Earthly existence. It is Source and it is Matter. It is the Highest Dimension and yet it is most dense in the 1st dimension through earthly existence. Can you recognize the power of the Higher Dimensions in the lower dimensions?

Birch has a correspondent nature with the Hebrew Letter, Ayin, which means Human Eyes. Thus, Birch calls us to use our greatest power to keep our Divine Eye focused through our human eyes with the knowing that we can see what is and what is to be without faltering when the outside appearance is yet to be recognizable. For, in our daily reality it is mystically unfolding. In fact, we are called to be the magnet drawing the field of Creation through the multiple realms of desire and design that our soul has been crafting. How can we know we are the magnet? Because we are Earth Beings.
Activator of Birch The Outside Builder – Saturnea
Birch sets the stage, calls us into the conscious state of active dreaming, weaving, working and creating. Birch also reveals everything already Is and patience is the key allowing all to be revealed. Saturnea puts energy into action and provides the signature of manifestation. Note in the pictures of Birch and Saturnea that there is not just one person. There are four people in the Birch card and three in the Saturnea card. Ah, but not just people, there notably is the animal world and the world of nature to be seen as well. It is a constant reminder that we are not building our world alone and we don’t have to build our world alone. We do have to be responsive, however; or nothing happens as we desire. We must activate the dream, begin the weaving, and work with our creative self. Especially in the state of awareness with Birch and Saturnea. We also need to be aware of our village that will respond as we allow by using our free will and choice.
Saturnea brings us the messages that aids us in being actively responsive. Again, a Universal Law is within the vibrations of Saturnea. It is the Law of Universality (notes below). She also releases the energy to be dedicated, determined, disciplined, and devoted to the Universal blessings as well as the outcome of our worldly development we know Is and Is to be. Soul impulses stir the knowing that a manifest Is and we are the activators for it to Be. Our focus and perseverance is called into action. Perhaps the law is the reminder that we are the Oneness and thus we can put all into action.
Review the Law of Universality. Contemplate it deeply. Consider the reality that you are stepping into new possibilities in the now and future at this moment. Know you are the creator creating and you are drawing from the realm of No Thing manifesting in the realm of Something. Then be the actor of achieving your dreams by the intentions of living your purpose and developing your world through the realm of transmutation that enlivens the evolution of your soul. Let go of what was and allow what is to Be Be!

21. Law of Universality. This Law reveals that each person is a component of Source, endowed with all the attributes of Source, and can perform the same as Source. It is a reminder that all things are connected to all other things. All Principles of the Universe and All Laws of the Universe are in Existence at once. Nothing is before, nothing is behind, and nothing is in front. All is One and all is happening at One Moment.
This message, “All is happening at one moment,” is a tough concept to grasp in the human mind, human body, human experience. Yet, the truth prevails….All is One and in the Oneness all is happening at one time. We most certainly can use our body as an awareness of this. Our cells, tissues, organs, nerves, bones, marrow, etc. are all humming along at the very same moment. They may be performing different tasks, but without each other, those tasks don’t fully function.
So it is with Universality. Each one of us is a cell in the Wholeness of the Universe. Our cellular unit may be functioning as the Heart, the Brain, the bone marrow, the nerves of the tip of a toe, etc. The continuum of the Universe is in Oneness and the very Moment of Being…so then are we! Without us, the Universe does not exist…with us It does. We are One and all aspects are important to the Whole. Here are examples to contemplate of this Law:
The Law of Universality and Correspondences reveal: The branch of a Tree has all the characteristics of the Tree as a Whole, even when severed. The DNA can be seen in the root, trunk, branch, leaf, flower and fruit. Oneness.

  • Each person is a component of Source, is endowed with all the attributes of Source and can perform the same as Source.

  • All things are connected to all other things.

  • All Principles of the Universe and All Laws of the Universe are in existence and fully activated at once.

  • The Laws exude a vibration that offers a Gateway into the Divine Universal Mind. What is already exists and can be accessed through this gateway.

While the outside consciousness and world is in action, the inside consciousness is also performing. It is the polarity of the outside state. A polarity position can be like an opposer in the game of life. Yet in the spiritual reality, it is the partner, the balancer, and the much needed connection to bring fruition to what we begin as a dream.
Oak – the opposer of Birch – the Inside Builder
Yes, I have purposefully turned her in a reversed mode. Not to create this essence as a challenge, however. She is an inner reflection and we need to look in and down to see this aspect within us during this lunar cycle. Yes, it is also to note her as the prescription (Rx) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.
We are so often locked in the headstrong logical reality of our outer life that we forget to move our thinking inward so we may get in touch with our drifting thoughts, intuitive insights, and frequent feelings that are reporting how we will respond to our creative self. When we avoid this aspect, we usually find a disruption or a distortion to our creation. When we pay attention, we find a way to determine and design the ingenious outcome that we have felt as a possibility.
Oak is the inward foundation of this lunar month. She is also the balancer and helper that will assist in maintaining an open door to soul wisdom as well as assured success as we nurture our dreams. The Universal Law of Containment, radiant within her energy, gives us a great hint as well.

Law of Containment. This law states: Energy is abundant passive and active frequencies. In order to manifest the expression of contrasting energetic qualities, a synthesis must occur from within a boundaryless boundary of the Universe. By the containment of the active and passive energies, a synthesis occurs and the result is a manifested expression that is greater than the sum of the two.
This law provides the consciousness that forms the synthesis of matter and nonmatter, passive and active energy, and the fusion of boundaries in the boundaryless Universe. The quality of a boundary provides the ways and means to use the wisdom and vibrancy of Source.
We are constantly using this law. It is revealed by how we contain and use our inner power, our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions. We reveal this containment in our outer reality by setting the parameters of experiences and expressions.
The parameters we set bring about self awareness and therefore self expression. It is very important that we know our self and share our self with others by setting boundaries, so we may live victoriously on our Life as is always noted by what we create. It is within this parameter setting of self awareness and self expression, that we set the patterns to create and manifest.

The power to set the parameters of our dreams and desires allows us to design with clarity. At the innermost quality of ourselves, this helps apply the guidelines for the right use of our intuition and the wisdom to know how to mix and blend all ingredients necessary for the outward expression of a perfect manifest. Oak helps us to recall our dreams and fashion them by holding them within the fenced parameters of time and opportunity to develop the inner knowing of what is to be, creating opportunity and experiences to be performed in our everyday world, and finally opening the gate to free the full manifest.
The prescription (M) that Oak provides is the medicine of knowing our dreams can be and are fulfilled. Her medicine is the all-heal vibration that truly represents that everything is in perfect harmony. Within us, we know this agent of energy called Oak is our balm that restores faith in our ability to be the creator creating. She is the quickening of the “baby” of our dreams kicking a rhythm of intention to be birthed. Her medicine provides us the liquid flow of intuition as guidance toward preparation and action for the birth of our dreams and desires.
The active energy of Saturnea will also be the influencer of our inner qualities. The discipline will be provided to: 1) dream, 2) recall the dream, 3) dedicate time to use the dream by creating written words or drawings of the dream, 4) act upon the dream by responding to our inner knowing of what needs to be done to cultivate it, and 5) be dedicated to bring it to fruition.
Saturnea stirs the knowing that we must keep moving forward with the clear knowledge that we have everything within us to manifest the dream (Law of Universality). Saturnea, constantly aids the emotional wisdom to feel our determination, discipline, dedication and devotion to an outcome because we know it is a soul calling to do so. The active power of Saturnea has the ability to follow the rules, thus will abide by the rule of containment so the creative cooking vessel can be filled with all the right ingredients, stirred until done, and then brought into the material world at just the right time!
Of course, as this lunar month unfolds, it is our time to end a year (2019) and dream about 2020 and all we would like to accomplish, manifest, and unfold. It is so important to have a focus so we may intertwine with Spirit. It is also to important leave room for wonder and magick as the Universal Energy spirals through nonmatter and into the field of matter.
I encourage you to dream with the supporting energy of the Birch foundation as the Outside Builder and enter the wonder of what you can do with the Saturnea active field supporting Birch as well as Oak, the Inside Builder. Dream in the field of Oak and discover what you are nurturing and preparing to birth. Be the field of Birch knowing your dream is developing and you are the developer. You will be establishing the action it will take to set the foundation for the year ahead and your ability to work with the Annual Laws of Soul Evolution (Twenty Twenty) and Worldly Development (Four), as well as all the conscious and unconscious laws to help cultivate the full power of the year.
May your holidays continue to fill you with blessings. May your celebration of New Years be delightful and filled with the sparkling scintillation of soul wisdom.
New Moon Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

Download the PDF of Birch 2020 here.