Take Control or Take Charge ?
Be The Master Sculptor of  your Life!
Is it time, once again, to change the way your life is going?  You are in charge and you are a creator.  Thus, consider an understanding of words and feel how they cause you to create a positive reality or further frustration in the development of your desired changes.
When we say, “I need to change,” these words influence us.  Often our unconscious responds to these words with the belief that “who and what I am and am doing is worthless, without merit, and likely  insufficient.”   Ouch!  Stops us from moving forward.
When we say, “I’m ready to refresh and begin something new,” we feel we have accomplished something already and our unconscious joins our team of intention. We have a desire to step in a new direction and are ready to stir our creative imagination, thoughtful gathering of inspiration, and take action in a new direction of our life.   Yeah!  We are moving the inner field of energy in a positive evolution.
When we say “I must take control of this new venture,” we stir fears that we don’t have sufficient means and others may take it from us. We stir concerns of an inability to initiate, create, cultivate, and manifest.  Oops!  That  control world puts up a road block.
However, when we say “I’m ready to take charge of my new adventures,” we form a refreshing feeling.  We become researchers to unfold what we need to initiate, create, cultivate, and manifest.  We become excited.  We enter the circle of others who help us to learn, create, cultivate, and manifest together.  Yahoo!  We enter a realm of Light.
All that we manifest or others manifest needs groups or individuals to help bring the creative project into the world.  In truth, what we manifest we desire to have it seen, perhaps used in the life of others, or simply reveal an example. When we are given the creations of another, we are inspired and grow again.  They grow, we grow.   We need each other.
In taking control we wont let others in.  We lose opportunity.  If we only “do it our self” we loose out on the reflections and insights that can help us go deeper into our project.  And, when we support others in that fashion, their project becomes a larger bloom of their qualities.  We are gifted further by their offerings.   We need each other.
In taking charge we are willing to move into sharing and receiving:  a balance.  Whatever we need for our individual self is expressed in self dominion and without concern that it will be stolen.  We surrender to the process rather than forcing an outcome. We allow others to help us weave our purpose from inspiration to manifestation.   We become compassionate and join in the field of “others” to aid and support them as well.
A gift-message from the Whispering Grandmothers: “Nothing is good or bad.  Life is a progressive evolution.  When you were born into your earth-body you became an apprentice sculptor.  You entered the world to become a Master Sculptor through the process of training, faltering, learning what works, and does not work.   You discern, test, refine, test, falter, test, and hone.  Be the apprentice, unfold and step into the level of the senior sculptorer, and finally, be the Master Sculptor.  Do not let the challenges be hidden away, embrace them, they contain the power to discern, refine and hone.  Always remember, you are not alone.  You have teachers, those who will test your creative sculpture, help you refine it, and hone it.  You also have those who will learn or use the design as you have presented.  Celebrate together.”
We need our village, our group, our “peeps.”  For everyone helps us sculpt our life and our talents. Sometimes the help is through agitation and challenge.  Other times it is through encouragement and positive assistance.  Both have a purpose in our honing our Master Self.  Have you discovered your group?  Take charge, let go of control.  Your village waits for you and will help you become the Master Sculptor of your life.  Within the village are masters, senior sculptors and apprentices.  Learn from all!
…Until Next Time:
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.