Every astrologer across the world is watching the vibrations of August and the tense realities that are shape-shifting our world. I’m no exception and I know you are likely feeling every burst of energy that is flashing with the arcing lights of each planet through the zodiac and beyond. Stress or Peaceful Eesy Living? Which shall it be?

By now, most of you who follow this blog, know that I’m a bit of a pollyanna. I try to find the good in the challenge. This is no time for an exception. Oh, yes, I’m quite aware of the tensions that are occurring through the vibrations of the cosmos. However, I hope, also, to share the way through the tensions.

We have a tough day today. The moon in Taurus is leading the way. It is at stand off positions with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo. Have you noticed how active Pluo is? Oh, yep, not going to let go of its position just yet. Today is more of the “Who’s in control” showing up. Remember, control is a challenging emotional need to keep your stance in any situation. Usually, to keep it, you have to fight for your right to be (whatever your trying to be). Capricorn and Pluto together are strong forces of Will. With the moon hitting this energy field and riding through Taurus, the emotional will is stubborn, heels dug in, and the need to hold on to possessions a fearful drive. The Moon also arcs the ruler of Taurus, Venus (who now resides in Virgo), and with a challenging energy arcing at it, it will dig deeper into right and wrong, good or bad and righteous judment (in which there is no such reality). Can you see the trend here? Oh, my Gos! Too much of a challenge to deal with?

Well, Move into the sublevel or spiritual level of each of these and you can create a change in the position of consciousness that does not have to take control, simply be in charge of yourself, your inner moods, and direct a more positive outcome. The Moon vibrates with the Law of Wisdom (most certaily inner wisdom). The Moon is Exalted in Taurus, so takes a very positive alignment with that inner wisdom and the Taurus radiance of the Law of Life Master…Master your inner wisdom and you will release resolutions that direct positive outcomes. Venus, the Law of Creative imagination, most certainly will assist you in allowing your imagination to run the course of solutions and an ability to find the right relationship with anything and anyone to solve problems. Ah, Virgo carries the Law of Wholeness and along with the imagination power, you can see the wholeness in everything you are doing, especially when you are taking mastery over your inner self and grasping your inner wisdom.

Ultimately, the sublevel, spiritual consciousness of Pluto continues to release the power of Soul Evolution and the Perpetual Intelligence of the Universe, calling you to respond to the Greater Changes in a mature (Capricorn) manner. Capricorn offers the Law of Living, and I remind you that is a law that reveals we are living on all dimensions at once. With that gift of knowledge, we can use other dimensional states of awareness to enter our Wholeness, release our ability to change, use the power of creative imagination to gain the new direction, take mastery of that new reality and flow with higher wisdom in our daily activity.

I know all of this will help you as you continue to dance the dance of issues noted in the T-Square I’ve made note of on this site. More and More and More of the same energy keeps capturing all of us. However, the Life Expanding Jupiter, and the Innovative New Beginnings of Uranus are most certainly able to assist all of take in the discipline of Saturn and the action of Mars to uncover the best way to find balance, respect, love and honor for all life.