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Light and Dark, Life and Death, Balance and Imbalance A Bridge Calls Us to Cross Once again!

February 11, 2021 12:05:30 p.m. Mountain Standard

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Quert -Apple

I listen within. I ask for guidance. I wait. I know there is a bridge to cross, a Tree of intermediating wisdom to learn from. I know there is a Goddess to guide us. Yet, mysteriously I wait. Inspiration for the lunar month was presented right after Rowan was complete. Yet, I await the bridge of wisdom to finish the message for the new lunar cycle. When I hear I am surprised; not surprised. At first I’m in disbelief by the Tree I’m given. How can this be? We are barely finishing Winter. Are the Apple trees even blossoming? I think about how they are a Fall tree. Have I heard incorrectly? “No, you haven’t,” I’m told. I accept.

 Next I questioned the Goddess I was directed to communicate with, Morgan La Fey. Not because she isn’t appropriate for Ash, for surely she is a Goddess of Ash, but for the Apple Tree? It took me a while to contemplate the reason she was presented as the intermediator as well as the known presence in the field of Ash.

Please realize I do laugh at myself a lot when I question Spirit. Foolish me. Why shouldn’t she be the mediator? She is known to guide people across the great waters to reach the Isle of Avalon. That in reality is crossing states of consciousness: a mediator. Indeed, she is the Keeper of the Doorway to Avalon which is known as the Isle of Apples. “Doorway,” a mediating place. Thus, she most certainly would be the Goddess of Apples as well as the Goddess of Ash. She is also called to be the keeper of Life, Death, and Rebirth: a mediator! I give way to the blessings of WomanSpirit and Her gifts of wisdom for me, for us to follow through the bridge this month.

The Apple Tree -Quert

The Apple Tree has many sacred qualities to it. It also is known to grow the sacred fungus, Mistletoe, making it another very Holy Tree to the Druids. In fact, a “magickal tree.” The Mistletoe is known to aid the Druids to enter a trance state in order to flow through the realms of the Divine for Shamanic journeys of other worlds to gather wisdom for healing, insights to direct others, and transfer energies that aid changes to the world of matter, as directed by Divine Consciousness.

There are many stories of the Apples guiding people from death to life, or even life to death (remember the story of Cinderella, the Wicked Witch, and the Mirror? We shall meet with the mirror later). There are certainly Celtic stories of individuals being warned not to eat of an apple being offered by the Faerie Queen (Morgan La Fey) as they would not return to mortal life. However, there is also the story of King Author (Morgan’s brother) being brought to the Isle of Avalon (also known as the Isle of the Other World) near death. She fed him the Apples of the Isle to heal him and bring him back to life.

Merlin, a most notable Druid, worked in a grove of apples to perform magickal fetes. This wise one knew he was working in dimensions in which the realms of the fey, angels, and the Divine would guide him to direct the purest energy to be used in the realm of matter. It is also noted, that during his bout with mental illness, he took shelter under an apple tree for comfort and healing.

The Branches of the Apple Tree were highly revered and a representative of great honor. In the world of the Celts, the Poets (Bards), and Shamans (Ovates), carried an Apple Branch (Caobh Ciuil known, as the Branch of Reason) as a symbol of their office.

We are called to understand the Apple Tree as a Bridge this month. It is a Tree of Magic. A tree that leads us into the Sacred Realms of the Divine, of the realms of healing, and one most important point of Magick, the realm of our Sacred Self. How do we recognize this? Ah, recall: when you cut an apple in half it reveals a Five Pointed Star…the symbol of the Sacred Human. Where do we note this aspect? Of course, on the Tree of Life in the most Revered Realm of Kether and Its Fourth World. The Fourth World in each Sphere is most often honored by a planet…yet this Manifest World of Kether is known as the Sacred Human.

Thus, if you truly want to perform magick you want to be in touch with your Most Sacred Self. As we have been inspired to integrate our Spirit-Soul awareness into our human reality (not just sit, hope, and pray), the Apple Tree quality this month is a call to walk the bridge, live the bridge, and eat the essence of the Union of the Other World and integrate it into this Human World. How might Morgan La Fey aid us as a Consort?

Morgan La Fey -Bridge Between the Worlds -Goddess of Water -Goddess of the Isle of Avalon/Apples


“Morgan, Morgan, Morgan La Fey, May we cross your water way?

“Morgan, Morgan, Morgan La Fey, May we cross your water way?”

“Morgan, Morgan, Morgan La Fey, May we cross your water way?

Morgan is a transporter. She will aid us in transporting our self through states of consciousness as we continue to guide our intentions of 2021 toward living with purpose and union and integration of our Spirit-Soul-Human qualities. We do need to continue to heal (the apple quality) any false beliefs that we carry inabilities, are separate from empowerment to do so, and lost in fragments of our being.

She will help us cross the water-ways of consciousness as we complete the cycle of Rowan/Aquarius. Will we allow our awareness to know what our inner light is revealing in wholeness or remain limited in personal understanding and separation from our True Self? The Consciousness of Morgan La Fey (an aspect of all of us) reminds us of the Magick of Knowing how to heal our lunacy, return to living, and understand the realms of the higher state of our Divine Human Self. As she guides us across the waters of our personal world and the realms of the other worlds, we will be guided to understand the greater wisdom of the Sacred Magick within us and the power to truly work with the Ash quality she is also known to align within. Like a magickal faery, she will help us know our magick and the direct line toward healing mind, body, and spirit with the channel of wholeness fully open.

What can we know about Morgan La Fey that are qualities within our own self? She is a powerful Goddess in the Celtic traditions. As a High Priestess of the Isle of Avalon, she is revered for the wisdom she imparts to those willing to learn. We know she is a Goddess of the Apple Tree. She is also the Goddess of Water, thus able to work with our inner being, our emotional essence, soul essence, and our intuitive essence. She is serene, yet passionate. She is physical, yet airy. She takes no bunk with our excuses. She demands our attention, respect for the Divine, and our ability to stay the course of our commitments. She is a shape shifter, a healer, and a leader of Shamanic consciousness. She guides us through the three stages of life (maiden, mother, crone; youth, maturity, elder). She is known to be present in the midst of strife, guide warriors in battle, assist in the treacherous seas, and bring healing in the moment of death (whatever that death may look like). As a keeper of the Gail Cup, she is a Soul Whisperer, or one who aids in helping us hear the wisdom of our soul’s intended journey. How can you place these attributes in the modern reality of yourself?

How will you use this Consort this month? She will not only help you cross the bridge and the waterways of your unconscious, and any emotional levels that create disturbances and limitations. She will help you die to the old, once again, and birth into the sacred portal of your True Self. She will aid you in bitting into the Apple of the Divine Being you are. Do remember, she is also the Goddess of the Ash Tree, and thus journeys with you into the Sacred Presence of the empowered moments of Ash’s lunar time. Ash directs you to be aligned in Oneness, thus creating and manifesting with sacred alliance so for your truest reality of assured success as the year unfolds.

“You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” – Alan Watts

From Template To Conscious Living We are the Consort of the Living Tree

Ash is the Foundation of Our Spiritual Center Point

The waters of our emotions, our lives, and our world may rock us, but we do have a place within us to discover our point of balance. Perhaps, several places to contemplate and stir the inner knowing.

As we begin this lunar month we are carrying into the New Moon the remnants of Rowan, the Higher Mind and the Humble Mind-Heart. The New Moon is in Aquarius on February 11th at 12:05:30 p.m. MST conjoined with the Sun. It moves into Pisces/Ash at 12:23:44 a.m. MST on February 12th . The Sun enters Pisces on February 18th at 3:44 a.m. MST. Thus, we can flow within the in-between world of Apple to Ash from February 11th to February 18th and let the lunar lights guide us deep within the “other worlds” of our being where we find the strength to follow our Spirit-Soul into the greater foundation of Ash throughout the rest of Her lunar month.

Below are the multiple blessings of the foundation of Ash and the ways we can find our center point.

What are the Qualities the Foundation of Ash offers?

1) Looking at the first vibration of Ash we step into the frequency of a branch on the Tree of Life. That branch/pathway is Qoph. It is seen as a magenta path in the Vehicular Triad. It radiates between the Green Sphere of Netzach/Victory and Malkuth/Kingdom, the plain of Matter. It is “That Which is Below is That Which is Above.” Qoph represents Cellular Memory, a gift of reminding everyone that we carry the memory within our cells that we are the Divine! Nothing less than the Divine.

2) Qoph translates as “Back of the Head.” The Medulla Oblongata. It most certainly is ancient memory or involuntary memory. However, the adept intends to use conscious discipline to move beyond the limited use and enters the true and most ancient memory–the Divine Consciousness. Thus, one becomes the Master Host of the Spirit-Soul, lives within the multidimensions and higher vibrations, and moves the energy through the cells of matter. Old memories of less than are no longer used. Corporeal Intelligence is the Living Source of All.

3) This path is known as the Path of Return, reminding us to return to the memory that we are the One; the Divine we seek. We are to recall this and live this quality of our self. We are to see it, connect with it, and regenerate it within our consciousness and living. Aware of who/what we are, we live without fear and with an exploratory attitude and desire to manifest from the realm of nonmatter and bring the energy into the realm of matter.

4) The blessings of this path contains so much for us to realize the power we have within us. If we work with conscious intent, we balance this energy. If we don’t, our subconscious can take over and overtly throw us into imbalances of mind, emotions, and soul intentions. To help our self, we need to observe what goes on in our head, feel what goes on in our heart/emotions, and know what goes on in our lower belly/throne of the soul. 

5) We can train our heart to receive the messages from our lower belly and activate the wisdom from our higher heart-mind. Then we direct true action with clarity of our cellular memory of our Source Self with openness and unshakable belief. From there our head will instigate the vision and construct a clear plan for the outcome. Thus we realize, when we work from the lower belly to the heart and then to the head we succeed. We also learn the other reality: when we work from the head to the heart we encounter doubt, then the lower belly stirs memories of fear, lack and limitations of our childhood and old internal representations, keeping the door of our soul knowledge locked. We need to learn to reverse this old trend and create a new reality of balancing our sacred awareness with our human awareness.


6) Ash/Qoph in Tarot card is recognized as the Moon Card. It, too, reveals the “Path of Return.” It shows how we must travel through our fears and phobias, our states of balance an imbalance. We are called to go through gates of consciousness. We have to deal with our wild nature and our instincts as we discover the fire of Spirit within us. We must battle the stages of our ego until it releases from it lower needs and we realize we are the embodiment of the Divine. This card reminds us to recover from our anxious mind and emotions by resting, sleeping, dreaming, and meditating. In the dreamtime we know we clear the old and can evolve into the higher realms of wisdom where we gather a greater knowledge of our soul journey. Meditation provides us the same.

7) What more comes to light in the card of Ash? Most assuredly is the wisdom of balance as Her face reveals the Yin Yang symbol. Yet, it is quite stable over the rough seas of consciousness. Reminding us that no matter where our mind and emotions travel we can maintain balance when centered in Spirit.

What can help us remain centered? Ah the Swan presents a symbol of awareness to help. She holds a trident that has captured a salmon. The trident (symbol of Neptune) is three-pronged. Perfect! It is on One Pole. Perfect! Three states of consciousness as One! Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Divine Consciousness! The Salmon, recall, is the symbol of All Knowledge. When we use all three states at one time, we have All Knowledge, remain centered in the Eye of any Storm, and excavate from the Ocean of Allness anything and everything we need in the realm of matter.

The Divine Human is absolutely noted through the Star Fish. Do review the other symbols via the book, THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon.

8) Of course, the Universal Law embraced in the energy of this wisdom is the Law of Life, Death, and Rebirth. Everything has its cycle of beginning, ending, and recycling into something new. Everything always takes a new form. Consider all that has taken life in your time on earth, has ended, and transformed into something new. Yes, this law does honor the true cycles of human living and dying and birthing again, thus honoring the blessings of reincarnation. I pause here a moment to honor one of my life times that I have revisited and hope I have honored in healing ways. In early America I lived in Boston and moved to Montana. I had four children with my husband whom I believe became my first husband and 4 children of this life time. I had a piano I just had to move with me when we left Boston. In this lifetime we did not live in Boston. In fact, I meant my husband in Denver and had to leave my piano when I moved to CA. But I did get a piano later and played it at night to put my children to sleep. They still speak about that. I learned a lot and found myself and had to relearn a lesson not learned in that previous life (not to work so hard; well, still working on it). I also visited Montana many times and loved it. I’ve never lived there. I’ve never been to Boston.

Balance Death-Life, Yin-Yang, Quiet-Action, Dark-Light, Dream-Cognition:
All Are Important!

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Let’s meet the Consort of Ash


Neptunia -Consort of Ash

How do we come into a relationship with the Universe? We enter the void, we connect with everything because everything came from nothing…the Great Void. We return from the void. Neptune is the most powerful field of energy that connects us to Nothing and Everything.

We find this universal vibration of Neptune in two places within the Tree of Life. One is the great Void of the Abyss -Knowledge. It is faintly seen on the Middle Pillar via the symbol of the rainbow and the gossamer dove, sign of the Holy Spirit, in Movement. Neptunia is considered the vibration of the Fourth World of this Sphere, thus the Manifestation of the Knowledge of Allness within the Void.

We discover Neptunia, again, as an ocean blue pathway, activating the All Knowledge between the Red Sphere of Geburah/Severity and the Orange Sphere of Hod/Splendor. It is here she reveals the Law of Reversal and the Law of Reflection, allowing us to know the Universe has refined energy consciousness and is ready to reflect Itself as individuated states of being.

How does she aid her partner Ash? Ah, she stirs the great waters of Sacred Memory, the DNA of Source in the bone marrow of every cell of existence , and calls each of us to re-member every part of our self is the Whole Being of the Divine. When this occurs, we know we are the Creator Creating and the treasures of such innate power to create is used with a deep sense of love, compassion, and care for the existence of everyone and everything.

What are other Qualities Neptunia offers?

1) The Hebrew Letter of Neptunia is Mem. Mem is noted for its letter “M” and reminds us of Mother, Memory, Mirror, Massiveness (such as the Ocean), and Myrrh whose aroma calls us to balance mind and emotions and is significantly used in life-to-death ceremonies.

Recall, the Path of Mem on the Tree of Life is found between the Red Sphere of Geburah and the Orange Sphere of Hod. As Mem reveals the Law of Reversal and the Law of Reflection, it is a reminder that the Universe has refined Its Nature to Be and reversed Its No Thing to Something, a Soul ready to embody. It is ready to create that reflection in individuality and mirror that in birthing many species, aspects, and constant options.

2) The Law of Reversal and Reflection provides us with another wisdom of the Mirror. Recall that we had the mirror for the Ritual of Imbolc. This month it is also important that you look into the mirror and see your sacred self. When you do, you can reverse any course in your life that you believe is heading in the wrong directions, is a problem for you emotionally, may keep your mind rambling in the shadows of false beliefs and illusions (if not delusions). The Divine presents this Law to remind us We are the I AM. The Divine Reverses its Non Matter Energy to Matter and cycles through living, decaying, fertilizing, and rebirthing, over and over again. How might we do the same? In fact, how are we doing the same? Look in the mirror? What do you see? The Divine in you is the Divine to Be!

3) Recall, Neptunia activates the powers of Ash. As an activator it makes things move! It is moving memory. It is moving the treasures of consciousness with us. The trident is seen again in the card, thus reminding us to use our three stages of consciousness to capture the wisdom and use the knowledge to create with so w may bring from the Great Ocean of Everything of Spirit the fully embodied realities of matter.

4) The Tarot Card as associated to Neptunia is the Hanged Man. LOL, yes we will hang our self if we don’t reverse our trends. But what does this messenger tell us? Let Go/Let the Divine. Drop our cognitive mind beyond our personal and subconscious level. Dip into Supernal Consciousness and be guided by the realm of Divine Mind. How? Meditate, quiet our personal mind, heal our emotional levels. Enter our soul and be guided to our spirit. Enter the cosmic field. Listen. Submit our personal self to our Divine Self.

5) A Meditation to follow: Breathe in and out until you relax into One Breathe with the Universe. Become aware of your inner sight focused within your lower belly and the doorway of the throne of your soul. Ask this question: How is the flow of Spirit-Soul Moving within Me? Feel the flow. Become the observer-feeler of your Spirit-Soul.

After a while simply state: Spirit-Soul guide my heart to feel desire, the creative flow. Guide my mind to gather visions from the magical places of Divine creative allness. Aid me in flowing into the Universal Mind and the Great Nothing where I will dip into the Allness and creative power of All Things.

Flow in union with Soul-Spirit guidance as you feel yourself in the ocean of the Universal Mind. After a time, feel it shape-shift and move as gentle waves along a shoreline, and then into the river of your inner self. Let your thoughts and feelings flow within the inner river of allness. Know you have obtained particles, pieces, ideas, formulas, and the wisdom that will form as knowledge for all you will need and will feel as desires to manifest. Let go and let it occur in right timing. Awen. It is So.

Remember, Ash, without her consort, would be left in the Great Ocean and in Sacred Intentions unstirred. A foundation is not useable without the consort of action and Neptunia provides that with the watery flow of her oceanic essence of All Knowing, her presence of memory, and her ability to reverse the old trends as she presents the mirror reflecting your existence as the Holy One.

May the memory of your Highest Nature be revealed this lunar month. May it be stirred in your dreams, your meditations, or a simple knowing within you.

Warm blessings and love,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

By the way: Chinese New Year is February 12 -Year of the Metal Ox! Good Year for a strong foundation and for slow, sturdy, and steady growth. A time to set the course and plow the landscape for a great future.

Patience and Perseverance!


~Lunar Phases of Ash~

New Moon – February 11

Crescent Moon – Feb 15

First Quarter Moon – Feb 18

Gibbous Moon – Feb 21

Full Moon – Feb 26 (Sun Pisces/Moon Virgo)

Disseminating Moon – Mar 2

Last Quarter – Mar 5

Balsamic Moon – Mar 8

New Moon of Alder
March 13 3:21 am MST

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.

©2021 Katherine Bell, PhD, DD


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