New Moon of Ash

February 23, 2020

8:31:52 a.m. Mountain Standard Time

Making Holy and Whole

Hello Everyone:

How was your journey through the Rowan Cycle? I know many were in the design mode. Many were inspired with the freedom of renewing insights and inspiration. This is all so fitting of the Rowan/Aquarius energy. Now we are ready to take another step in the work of our Mission to manifest and develop our world from the depth of our Soul and the purpose of our Spirit.

After the Full Moon of Ash, we will have the Celebration of Spring Equinox, Alban Eilir (Light of the Earth) in the Celtic expression. The exact timing will occur at 10:00 pm Mountain Daylight time on March 19th when the Sun is exactly 0 degrees, 0 Minutes of Aries. The ritual, along with the Cosmic Notes, the prayer/mediation video for the month, and the Ash Video will all be available on the website: As we enter this lunar cycle, may you feel the realm of Sacredness within us flood the realm of our actions and the continuing development of our mission for 2020. For some, you may find you are in the very midst of your mission and developing it well. For others, you may be contained in the dream of it, as the Ash/Neptunia realm can provide. Neither is better or greater than the other. Simply know that whatever stage you are in is the perfect stage.

Yes, we will work with the power of outer and inner wisdom, the grace of Universal Laws, and the gift of being creators creating. May you feel the urges of the creative processes delight you in many ways and many forms that aid your process of developing outcomes you desire for this year.

Let’s dive into the Ocean of Consciousness that Ash and Neptunia present and discover the inner assistance of Grapevine, for she is called into blessings of the polarity world for this lunar cycle. Water and Earth are the elements and blessings. Dreaming and Manifesting can be recognized in these elements.

Ash: Active Conscious – Power of the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth

Ash is based in the power of Great Changes, in the realm of Spirit, and the asset of Sacredness. She calls upon us to sanctify all that we do. For in so doing, we recognize the holiness of our life, our creations, and our manifestations.

It is not hard to recognize the power of great changes when we speak of life, death and rebirth. Life is a creation brought to bear, death is a transition, and rebirth is a reshaping of what was, to what is freshly created, yet of the same origin: Source of All Life. Every year we reshape our dreams and desires. We head into the design room with deep intentions to truly formulate what we want to bring to bear. When we meet with the field of Ash, we are not just in the range of rebirthing, we are in the field of Sanctifying what is of the Supreme Consciousness of All.

Law of Law of Life, Death and Rebirth. Everything is birthed from the Monad (Indestructible Divine Unit), functions through its spiritual and chemical evolution, releases through its dying/transforming process (a marked change in nature, form, or appearance), and rebirths through the power of transmutation (total change in form, nature, or substance, yet exists the same at its Spiritual Core–The Indestructible Divine). This law also encourages the awareness of reincarnation. The theory that you have lived before, died and was rebirthed into a new life, is one to contemplate and realize what is occurring. It is a natural reality of Source. It dies to one aspect of Itself, births to a new aspect (soul), lives in this state, dies again and rebirths again and again. Why? In theory, perhaps to allow Itself to see Its multiple qualities. When all qualities are seen, explored and experienced; and the awareness of the Whole Being is recognized, then the true reality of death is not a part of any reality…it is simply a rebirth, experience, rebirth, experience, and rebirth of playing in the fields of all states of Being.

As you allow yourself to continue your journey of developing, building, and manifesting throughout this year, do provide time to bring to your intentions sacred honor, magick of ceremony, compassion with yourself and all that it takes to weave ideas into material form. Remember, this is the time to render holy what you are doing as you give it a rite of passage from the dream and design worlds to the realm of preparing for its birth into the material world.

Now is the opportunity for you to feel yourself at One with the field of Spirit as the Midwife as well as the Mother in the realm of matter preparing to bring to bear your creation. It is your opportunity to be In Oneness and feel the sacred union as a spiritual experience as much as it is a visceral experience. Yes, let the cells of your body feel the holiness of your creation, intentions, and manifestation (birthing) rite. Give it the “right of passage” into the next level of existence.

What might be your challenge? Ah, always within this field can be the challenge of being absorbed in the collective belief of impossibilities. Lost in false beliefs you have carried. You may discover you are captured by the influence of others. Perhaps you fear there is no one who will hold your intentions sacred, present compassion for your steps along the passage way of building your dreams and securing an outcome, so you let yourself abort your intentions just before the blessing is fulfilled.

The benefit of the active partner of Ash will provide assistance. It is, of course, Neptunia.

Activator of Ash, The Outer Partner – Neptunia

This subtle energy field is not often recognizable as an active outer quality. Yet, it is. It is a higher order of our creativity. It is the level of awareness we use to bring about a sacred attitude to what we are doing in this human realm of creating. This month in this outer activity, the stirring within does not stay within. We feel “driven” to do something.

Using me as an example, again, all of you know I love to write. Using the Neptunia power of inspiration, I bring it to bear by putting the inner thoughts,

words, and flow of Universal Consciousness into the letters I can type, words I form, and articles I present. While doing this, I also realize I am maintaining a “flow of energy” that just keeps moving like the tides of the ocean (Neptunia and Ash), that take me within, draws from the great well of knowledge, and brings it back out with urges to write some more.

I am not alone in this process. Do take some time to realize how you use this Neptunia gift in a conscious and active way. What are you creating? How are you moving in this subtle energy field? How are you dipping into the well of knowledge and putting it into the realm of your human endeavors?

Neptunia presents us with very creative energy. It calls us within and into the power of reversing the way we see our lives by reflecting on a greater vantage point: Our Divine Self, the Holy One. When we can do this without believing we are less than, and are hung up in karmic living, we truly reverse our trends to the honoring of the higher creative gifts we carry in every cell of our being. Yes, we are automatically using the Universal Law embedded in the essence of Neptunia. It is a dual law and one, when we really comprehend it, we become Masters of Life, Death, and Rebirth as we take charge in the realm of Creators Creating.

Review this most sacred Law of Neptunia: The Law of Reversal and Reflection. Notice how you are putting it to work in creating the holy birthing rite of your intentions manifesting.

The Law of Reversal and the Law of Reflection . A Dual Law that brings us in Union with Source as we release ourselves from the beliefs of lack, separation, and fears.

Law of Reversal: The Law of Reversal indicates that a full 180 degrees turnabout occurred at the point the Universe released Itself into individual soul qualities. At that very moment, every soul took on the power to reverse any aspect of itself as well. The turnabout allows evolution of Light to move into denser emanations and express in an individual manner; and denser emanations of light to express higher emanations of light by revising consciousness.

We use this law best when we:

      • Reverse the tendencies of thought, word and action that contains us in an ostentatious view of our own life, or a view of absolute lack, and thus limits the view of the higher mind, higher intent contained within.
      • Check out your Trends:
        • Trends of thoughts
        • Trends of emotions
        • Trends of actions
        • Trends of interactions
        • Trends of health
        • Trends of lack
        • Trends of Self Inflicted Negativity (S.I.N.) and Self Inflicted Punishment (S.I.P.)

This Law asks you to look at your life and the areas you may need to reverse, let go of control, and take charge to reverse them.1 Each and every day there is something that will happen that you may need to transform into a higher state and live your life according to your higher message within. Search always for truth, the way and the means to live at that higher level and you will reverse any challenges that seem to hold you in the negative aspects of living. When you do this, you will also be allowing the full on power of the positive energy of the Law of Reflection, the second law on this wisdom point of the Universe.

The Law of Reflection simply states that the angle of reflection always equals the angle of incidence–what you see is whom you are. Quite similar to the Law of Cause and Effect–who you are is what you reap. The Law of Reflection allows you to look at the trends in your life and recognize that they are a reflection of what is happening within your inner self. When you reverse your lower trends of feeling, thinking and acting, you will reflect the Source Within and think, feel and act as Source. Your Search for Truth will cause you to Reflect the Higher Wisdom in and through you. What do you see in your life now that reflects Source? See within you what exists at the Highest level of Yourself – God/Goddess. When you reverse your lower trends of feeling, thinking and acting, you will reflect the Source Within and think, feel and act as Source. When you do this, you will find the smoothness of life, the harmony of experiences, the joy of living as the flow of your existence.

1Re-read this sentence until you can get the subtle message contained within it.

Grapevine – the Opposer of Ash – the Inside Builder

Yes, this card is purposefully turned in a reversed mode. It provides an opportunity to look down, or look within to see, feel and know this energy. We must turn our mind from the outer world to recognize the polarity working within and as a helper of the outer quality to be even stronger. She is an inner reflection of the here and now, and we need to look in and down to see this aspect during this lunar cycle. It is active, and yet, not necessarily conscious reality; because it is of the inner plane. If we don’t recognize it, it can play out in the field of false beliefs

and illusions with the active partner, Neptunia. Yes, please recall that Grapevine’s essence is also known as the prescription (M) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.

Grapevine is a cultivator of our designs as well as a reaper of rewards. Her power within us carries the reminder that the seeds planted, fertilized, nurtured, and well tended, do become the blessed outcome we have in mind and heart to manifest. From this inner realm she is a constant messenger telling us, “Your dream is already whole and complete. It is a pure expression and essence of Spirit well designed to blossom in matter. From the garden of your dreams you will produce the absolute abundance of your intentions. Nothing will remain in dream state. All will be expressed in your human field of reality.”

When we are in the fullness of this wisdom, we reap, share, support our self as well as others. We carry no fear we will loose anything by giving, helping, and serving, for our inner being knows that this abundant reality is a constant birth and rebirth and flows always, especially when sharing. If we are not willing to grasp hold of the message, we generally fall into mistrust of our actions. We will not recognize life support in the way of others helping us, or even the realm of spirit assistance coming forth. We choose to abort or distort by our lack of faith. We may, in fact, give all we got to someone else because we don’t believe anything we do is of any worth to are own being. We go into “false service” and “false sharing” to others in the hopes of being “good enough” to receive. We absolutely go into needy, greedy living.

It becomes important to know the energetic field of the Law of Wholeness that is radiating internally through this essence within us called Grapevine:

The Law of Wholeness. This law reveals the constant truth that every soul is contained in the existence of All that Is; All that Is, is contained in every soul. Every person, animal, plant, mineral and galactic essence is complete in and of itself, and therefore Whole. Of course, this then provides us with the wisdom that:

– Existence of holism is within us and within our manifest world
– There is nothing we cannot manifest, for it already IS
– The Universe, in its holism, moves in and out, spirals and evolves and nothing is ever lost or gained as It is simply exploring Itself
– We are that exploration
– The exploration offers constant manifestation of ideas and desires
– We can learn of this holism and live it by practicing awareness of our S.E.M.P.E.S.

Practice feeling, knowing and Be-ing Whole. For in this reality, you will recognize your sacred wisdom of Being One with Source. In this Whole Beingness, you will discontinue worries, frets and fears.

The active energy of Neptunia is also the influencer of our inner qualities this lunar cycle. It is a vibrant and constant reminder of our power to reverse negative trends of thinking and feeling. Neptunia continues to move our emotions to discover the sacred level of ourselves as well as fine-tune our intuitive capabilities that aid us in developing our Spiritual and Human Natures and a single flowing essence demanding creative ideals to be brought into the manifest field of matter.

Oh yes, if we are bent on holding to the attitude of unworthiness and being less than the Divine that we are, we will float right into the belief and activity of the addictive behavior of false beliefs of being incapable human beings. This often leads us to the manipulations of fear, allowing the leadership of demigods telling us just what will make us be marvelous, and all the while reporting to ourselves that we ultimately are unworthy. We run into the field of addictions, whatever keeps us turning in circles of lack and limitation, illusion and delusion, and separation from the most sacred part of our self. Yes, it is up to us to Re-Member we are Holy and reverse the trend of believing we do not have that wisdom encoded within the very cells of our being. We can choose to live our Holiness. Use this gift of Neptunia inwardly as well as consciously and discover the Great Mystery of yourself is no longer a mystery.

Do enjoy the blessings you are creating and all that you are sanctifying. This is a sacred lunar cycle with the frequency that reminds us we are one. We are Divine. May you have a visceral feeling of this reality.

New Moon Love and Blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Ash~

New Moon – February 23
Crescent Moon – Feb 27
First Quarter Moon – Mar 1
Gibbous Moon – Mar 5
Full Moon – Mar 9
Disseminating Moon – Mar 13
Last Quarter – Mar 16 Balsamic Moon – Mar 20
New Moon of Ash – Mar 24

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.

Download the Ash 2020 PDF file: