but only for a moment. It is ready to trek in an apparent backward motion. The effects have been felt already and more to come. Accidents have been high here in So. California (and I imagine wherever you are). Why so drastic? Quite likely because the very focused Mercury in Virgo is letting go to the opposition of Neptune in Pisces.

If we simply choose to look at the events from the Laws of these planets and signs, this is what we see: Mercury corresponds to the Law of Expression, Virgo to the Law of Wholeness. Neptune aligns with the Law of Reversal and Reflection, while Pisces reveals the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth. We can create a message that reveals: The Expression of Wholeness is reversing Itself to reveal the Divine process of life, death and Rebirth. The Rebirth is creating the Awakening to Oneness and all planets are setting the symphony of Light and Sound.

At 8:02:24 am (PDT), there are the sounds of Sacred Geometry arcing the Light and creating a rise in our awareness. The Moon (residing in Libra) initiates a Cardinal Grand Square…a Call to the Leaders, Foundation Makers, Initiators, and Rule Makers of the world. The first strike of light moves to Mars in Cancer (foundation maker). Mars has just moved into Cancer and calls for the activation of protection for our home, homeland, family and the foundation we have created….however, we must be prepared to change that foundation as Mars calls for the Law of Purification while Cancer calls out the Law of Containment.

Mars not only activates the next field of Energy of the Grand Cross, but opposes Pluto in Capricorn (another portal of the Grand Cross). Mars connects with Uranus in Aries, also Retrograde). Action is abounding in the power of purifying. In this alignment, Uranus is also feeling the opposing effects of the Moon. The Moon, the Law of Wisdom, in the connection with Libra, Law of Cause and Effect, is reminding the world to Live with the wisdom of the Law of Love (Uranus), while undergoing the changes of Developing the New World (Aries, Law of Worldly Development). Awareness that what we are doing, thinking and feeling are the cause for future events, is quite necessary so we create a great balance, right justice, and harmony for ourselves and the generations before us.

To finish the Grand Cross, Uranus and the Moon, radiate light to Pluto in Capricorn (also retrograde), and Mars is opposing this angle of light. Pluto is most certainly causing a great transmutation of our World and our world governments. Pluto, the Law of Soul Evolution, and Capricorn, the Law of Living, are being called to the home front (Cancer) to take action to purify (Mars) what we now have as our foundation (Cancer) and allow ourselves to change the course of our world toward the Peace we are promised for the Wise Ones who live in Sacred Alignment to the Higher Truth.

The Power of Grace through a Grand Trine is calling us all to know the possibilities of Peace through our willingness to Let Go and Make the Change….Mercury heads the arching of light in this Grand Trine. Radiating Light to the Benevolent One, Jupiter (in Taurus), Mercury calls us to Express the Law of Contraction and Expansion (Jupiter) and come within to gather the Light of Life Mastery (Law of Taurus) and cultivate our new world with the benevolence of Source Consciousness. Jupiter angles the light toward Pluto in Capricorn and once again we see the activate of great change by the Grace of Divine Right Action.

Finally, Mercury heads one other Sacred Geometrical Energy field, the Mystical Rectangle. The Law of Expression in retrograde (Mercury) does ask us to come within and choose to open the treasure chest (Mystical Rectangle) so we may discover the power of purification (Mercury meeting Mars again), the Power of Transmutation in order to allow Soul Evolution to advance (Mercury Meeting Pluto), and finally, so that the Destiny of Sacred Oneness can occur with the Ease and blessings, opportunities and renewing realities as Mars and Pluto positively hook up with Chiron in Pisces (Chiron aligns with the Law of Destiny). Mercury opposes Chiron as well as Neptune, and they too are in retrograde. All are calling us within so we may know the Inner direction, respond to the inner wisdom, move through the power of purification so our evolution is soul-advancing, light expressing, and carrying the Cause for a Higher Awareness as our cosmic result and physical experience.

Much is occurring and nearly half of the planets are in retrograde…don’t forget to come within, live with a sacred attitude, and express the higher intentions in your personal world as well as radiate it to all others.