We all have loved ones whose soul has left the Earth and lives in Spirit. We miss them. We
want to communicate with them.
Some people communicate with their loved ones and ancestors. Other’s may not. Still other’s
cannot even fathom the possibility. Yet many cultures know and understand this gift of
communication. It comes from the realms beyond our world of matter. It is an interactive field
of consciousness in spirit.
In the traditions of my ancestors, the Celts, we have long known we communicate beyond our
human reality. We honor two times during the cycle of a year that the veils between matter
and spirit are thinner and our loved ones, ancestors, and angels communicate with ease. We
know we communicate with them. These times are Beltane and Samhain.
Samhain, a Celtic Festival is celebrated to honor endings and beginnings, life and death, and
open communication with our ancestors. In other cultures it is known as All Souls Day or the
Day of the Dead. October 30th and November 1st are days of celebration.
This Cryptogram helps open the veils and allows everyone to connect with loved ones. It is a
time to offer our prayers for a sacred, loving and harmonious connection. It is a time to realize
we are not separated. Our souls remain connected.
Allow yourself to view this cryptogram, acknowledge your loved ones in spirit, and ask to feel
their essence and to communicate with them. May you explore the blessings of each contact
and the gift of healing grief from losses of family members, friends and other loved ones whose
soul has left physical reality and now live in spirit.
–Light Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

©2017 Katherine Bell