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Alchemical Moments!

Tempering through the Bridge!

March 13, 2021

3:20:59a.m. Mountain Standard Time

Lioma -Lime Tree

I am now use to receiving the messages of a bridge with the New Moon Musings. I ponder, “What Celtic Tree and Goddess will be the next bridge to travel?” The information can come in many different forms. This month it was a series of dreams. I was often in the ocean. Not so strange since the lunar month of Ash is of the Great Ocean. In one dream a beautiful ethereal vision of a goddess was flowing across the ocean on a swan. I noted that again as part of the Ash energy. She was seen much closer to the end-time of the lunar month. I also began to find myself on shore walking through orchards of lime trees, smelling their flowers. I would see this ethereal goddess walking in the orchard as well. Sometimes I would see the swan near her and wondered where the ocean, lake, or other water sources might be for the swan to enter. In other dreams I was picking the lime fruit and creating lime juice for a cool drink. This did not make sense when trying to connect it to the Ash Moon cycle. It was several dreams before I heard the statement from WomanSpirit, “You have met the tree-bridge and the Goddess.” No further information was given. It led me on a hunt. Why Lime? Who is this Goddess? How does she bridge Ash-to-Alder? I have never heard of the Lime Tree being a sacred tree of the Celts.

I love the mystery that continues to unfold. I love the reality that what we know is never the end. I love to discover more than I think I know. It has been so with the Lime Tree bridging us from the realm of Ash to the realm of Alder (and in profound ways).


The Celtic lettering of the Lime Tree is to the left and it’s Celtic name is Lioma. The lime tree is not common in the Irish/Welsh/English traditions. It is far more common in the Northeastern part of Europe, in the Baltic regions. These are some of the oldest known places of the Celtic migration (such as Germany and Sweden). Many of its descriptors presents both the Ash and Alder qualities. Thus, quite right to be the bridging tree of this lunar cycle. In fact, one of the zodiac descriptions states that it reigns during 13 March -20th of March. Absolutely perfect for this year. The 13th of March is the New Moon and the Sun and Moon remain in Ash/Pisces. On March 20th, at 4:00 a.m. Mountain Time, the Sun is at 0 degrees 0 Minutes Alder/Aries. The moon, however, does move into Alder/Aries on New Moon day at 4:45:30 p.m., a little more than twelve hours after exact New Moon. (A reminder: The New Moon is March 13, 2021 at 3:20:59 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.) Thus, March 13 -20th is very important this year of the Bridging Trees and Goddesses.

When I discover these mysteries of my dreams and messages of WomanSpirit, I take a deep breath and “know” the huge connection we have when in the Unified field of Oneness. All wisdom can be known when we stay out of our own way and let the information flow and grow.

A bit more of this wonderful tree. It is seen as a sacred tree, much akin to the Oak. German tribes would gather beneath its great branches to make decisions that required deep, thoughtful, and life changing events. (In fact, some information states, this was still occurring in the 1800’s.) It was a tree of healing, particularly when the water was drawn from its roots. The wisdom of the ancients speak of using it to clear the eyes of disease. Ash is a symbol of great water; the ocean. Alder is associated with the Single Eye of the Divine and we know we must clear our human eyes from seeing only our existence in order to allow the Divine guidance to truly bring truth and purpose into our existence.

This tree is also given homage as a place to meditate, daydream, and align within for inspiration. Poets and artists of all genre use this tree for arousing intuition and inspiration. Awen! Another blessing of Ash, but also Alder/Marsella.

Of course, I cannot leave out one of the constant qualities of the Celtic lore and the importance of Truth, Love and Protection. The lime trees are used for Truth, Love, and Protection. It is believed that one cannot tell a lie under a Lime Tree. It is also considered a great place to be when announcing love to each other as the love will last forever. Protection was always a consideration as the Celts traveled in unforgiving territory of wilderness and unfriendly tribes, and the Lime Tree provided protection.

As this is a tree of inspiration and love, it is also a tree that calls one to follow their heart and not give up on their dreams regardless of how many doors seem to close or opportunities seem to be blocking the passageway. This appears to be a message of Alder. For Alder is a go-getter. However, if there is a fence or obstruction that seems to be unsurmountable, the Alder essence will simply “quit” and not find her/his way around it.

Ah, what a joy to contemplate the bridge-tree to cross this month. How are you seeing this as a part of your reality?

We have a consort to help us get across the bridge. The message of Alan Watts presents a clue for understanding the Consort of the Lime Tree and crossing of the bridge.

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.”

– Alan Watts


Her name is Liama and she is known to the Baltic people as the Goddess of Fate/Destiny. In fact, she is a Goddess of Polarities (much like the Ash energy). She is also known as the Goddess of Birth and Death, Happiness and Misfortune, Quality and Quantity. She calls one out of old patterns and into the new (An Alder energy). Perfect for the bridge consort of this lunar month.

She is known to dwell in the Lime trees and bestow the messages to those who listen. She may answer using her voice like a Cockatoo. Her name means happiness and wisdom. Thus, I implore you to enter her realm with your desire to know an alignment of happiness, or at least to gain it. Her mother was Zemyna, Mother of the Earth. Yet, her sisters were considered birthed by the primordial Mother of the Marshes, with the same name, Zemyna. Water and Earth are symbols of her essence. Thus, bathing and clearing, as well as birthing or renewal.

Similar to the Goddess Brigid, this Baltic Goddess did not quickly disappear as the Christian religions came forth. In fact, the Jesuits were disturbed by how many people continued to go to her pillars of stone to give honor and leave a symbol of worship for her graces.

Much like Brigid, she is a Goddess who protects women, their birthing time, and more. She calls for truth and not to hide in the marshes of fear. She calls forth the sacred warrior: to believe in the true self and the strength of Being.

How will this consort help you cross the bridge between Ash and Alder?


From Template To Conscious Living

We are the Consort of the Living Tree

Alchemical Moments!

Tempering through the Bridge!

Alder Is the Foundation of Our Spiritual Center Point for this Lunar Month.

Water has led us into the fire of Alder. Alchemical moments are occurring. Ash-to-Alder provides the gift of Alchemy. Yet, we must remember the wisdom within us at the very center of our being. Without the wisdom, we either burn out or drown.

Alchemy often is depicted by a magician performing the act of turning lead to gold. The alchemist is known to be a high priest or high priestess. In many circles of different “crafts,” spells are often conjured using the practice of alchemy. However, many find them not successful. Why? Because so many are “jumping into” a process they have not truly moved through the deeper regions of consciousness to understand what the true meaning of alchemy is. It is not just the use of a talisman with sacred symbols. It is not just the rituals, mantras, prayers, drums, or subtle manipulation of nature. It is so much more.

Alchemy is certainly a word of transformation. Yet, it is beyond that. It is total transmutation. It reveals that “something” is no longer what it was. In sacred wisdom, it is the process of body, mind, and soul clearing in order to reach a perfected state of Gnosis (All Knowing or Oneness). It is an internal process. Alchemy is called to our attention this month for us to contemplate as we traverse the bridge of consciousness from Ash-to-Alder (Water and Fire; symbols of Alchemy). Yet, let it not stop there. For each of us, we are called to continue our internal alchemical process until we truly allow the ultimate transmutation to occur. Patience is called for. Not an easy reality in the realm of Alder when we might live from its lower expression. Thus, let’s exam three ranges of being with Alder (and we will review how its active consort assists or distorts the power within Alder later on in this letters).

Lower ranges of Alder

Total living as a personality based on getting “my” needs met. The, “Me, Me, Me, and only Me” syndrom is strong. We worry that we are not, and may never be fulfilled, and all others must come to our aid and make us happy, whole and perfect. It is a frame of consciousness that makes us believe we are all alone on our journey in this lifetime. When in this state, we feel rejection, frustration, and anger. If our lower ego gets into the battle, then this may turn to “I’m better vs you are better,” thinking, feeling, and believing. Being pushy, acting bossy, and fighting our way through the world occurs. Our eyes are often focused on what we don’t have, on the partnerships we don’t have, and the inabilities to rise to the top, while our lower ego keeps trying to prove we are better than or less than anyone else. We are needy, demanding, and greedy.

Mid-ranges of Alder

We may still have some of the lower range battles, but they are changing. Yet, we depend on “what we know” from the past and are not to sure anything is going to be different; though we try to affirm they will. We may “see” that life is better than we knew in years past. Yet we keep trying to “see” how it might be better, with jittery emotions that are not quite sure anything can change. If something appears to set up barriers, we may quit before we discover how to get beyond the barrier or even realize the barrier is a temporary stop sign for us to evaluate what we are doing. Perhaps, the barrier is only an opportunity to actually “go for it” and not look back. Or, it is the moment to realize we are stuck in the same old illusion and we truly need to take a different direction. In mid-range Alder, we will get frustrated and may go into the fight or flight mode, rather than take the time to examine what is before us. Perhaps, it is a new adventure for us to master.

Higher-ranges of Alder

Our journey at this level sets the foundation of the realization that we are the Divine. Our eyes see the world through the Divine Eye. We move steadily forward allowing the Inner guidance to direct each step. We are not seeing the faults of the world, our self, people or circumstances. We see opportunities to use the Alchemical Presence to cultivate, refine, and consistently create new realities. We see life as a doorway to offer our pioneering spirit a way to explore, experience, and express our True Self. There is no proving to be done. We live in knowing: All Is; I AM. All elements are present and the alchemical moment is recognized as occurring the very moment our lower-range and mid-range field of our Alder-self transformed and transmuted to the True Range of our Higher Nature of Alder. A New Beginning is honored every moment.

Below are the multiple blessings of the foundation of Alder that we may find useful in the healingpowers of alchemical realities. For indeed, the earlymasters of Alchemywere not onlyusing it for the mind, body, and soul purification to enter the realm of Oneness. They also were learning the wisdom of science, chemistry and medicine. How will this wisdom of Alder aid you?

What are the Qualities the Foundation of Alders offers?

1) Alder is a branch/pathway on the Tree of Life. It is a pathway out of and into the Holy Triad. Its branch/pathway is Heh v. It is seen as a red path extending from Chokmah/Wisdom (Silver sphere) to Tiphareth/Beauty (Yellow sphere; Heart of the Tree). It’s English translation is Window. It carries the Universal Law of Worldly Development. Thus, the intent of the Divine to develop the world and all that is to be manifest is noted.

2) Heh is also revealing the single Eye of the Divine. This wispy state of consciousness must be brought through the heart…not through the illusionary mind. It is known by our individual state when we are living in our Higher Ego or our Higher Ranges of Alder. When we live the desire to Know More of our Ultimate Essence and activate in this state of being, we will See through our True Third Eye.

3) This path carries the Greatest Power of Creation. In Chokmah, it is the Creative Chaos that carries all wisdom of the Divine to create everything imaginable via the Divine Mind-Divine Heart of the Universal Power of Love. It places this power into the field of the Heart of the Tree where the Mastery of Creation is centered and focused for the Right Use in the realm of matter.

Affirmation: I keep a single-eyed focus on my creative plan to manifest new realities in my world.

4) Alder/Heh in Tarot is the card of the Emperor. He has command over his domain. He is the Yang energy putting forth the fire of creation for it to be tempered in the realm of earth to shape into the forms useful for all beings. The Emperor sits on a cube, the ultimate foundation of life. He has the vision to create and oversee the world he is creating. Do note that we see only One Eye of the Emperor in the B.O.T.A. deck.

5) In Astrology, Alder relates to Aries and the owner of the First House of the astrological circle. In Natal Astrology it is the house of the personality, the Me. In Esoteric/Soul Astrology, it is the house where we acknowledge the Soul is entering the body and preparing the journey through an incarnation. It also is the acknowledgment of the Sacred Intent of the I AM/the Eye of the Divine. As we develop our personality, we grow in the three stages previously spoken of in this letter. We know the Sacred Intent of Spirit-Soul and see perfectly and patiently what is and what is to be.

6) The FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT card reveals the action of the Soul. We must gather amongst others to recognize our position in life. Education and higher learning is important (the books before the three women — three stages of Alder). As development occurs, the rise of the Spiritual Fire (Kundalini) is noted by the snakes around the face. The individual can then truly move forward on their higher stage of being (the person traveling the path alone).


The art of Transmutation!

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Let’s meet the Consort of Alder

Marsella -Consort of Alder

This activation of the Soul into Matter carries an incredible amount of energy and wisdom to be used. The soul is moving out of the Void; out of the Great Ocean. It is ready to discover and pioneer a new incarnation. So it is with us at anytime we desire. Particularly as we practice listening and living more Soul-Spirit Centered.

Of course, Marsella is filled with the fiery nature to take action and to create. It embraces the field of Creative Ideation and Refinement. It influences the desire to be move forward and blaze the path of new beginnings. How does it stir the three stages of Alder?

Lower ranges of Alder/Marsella -The “Me” personality is hard to contain. Always on the go with little effort to stop, observe, and learn before taking action. The worry carried by this state is, “I better get going now or I never will get what I want. Someone else will get what I want and nothing will be left over for me. I have to stay on top.” The bully nature can pop out. The lower ego is very much in the active level of grab and go. We use our WILL…but it is a “be damn if they will get me”, will power. Yes, the “I quit” quality is easily used. Anger jumps very easily as it is a form of defense against one’s own feelings of not being loved, not being understood, good enough, or being fearful. The inner 2-year old is stamping her/his feet. The warrior is out to defend; but quite often not defending what is truth or for the greater good. 

Mid-ranges of Alder/Marsella – Frustrations and giving up easily are still a part of the level of consciousness. Marsella’s action may bring on the speaking without thinking, acting without awareness, jumping into events without planning (or little planning), and then regretting. There is a blessing in the regretting at this level. The mid-range field presents an opportunity to review and mature the power of the Will within. The gift is the desire to seek the meaning of True Will. Frustrations can be met with the “reactive field of quitting, anger, fighting words, etc.” however, the regret message turns to much more of an inner reflection of “what might I do to create a change.” We may look for “another chance.” We may find that the second chance turns out to be filled with great understanding of self. Changes may still occur and the direction may change with some discomfort, but with a truer knowledge of the command we want to be in that is much more fulfilling, creatively exciting, and life-advancing.

Higher-ranges of Alder/Marsella -This field is our Magick field. We truly understand the Will to Be is the Union of our Personality with our Soul-Spirit. Our creative flow emerges without a fight with our mind, emotions, or others. Our ego is tame with the realization we are guided by the True Self, the True Essence of Being. We recognize that all we do See is the Divine in Action, Purpose, and Progressive Evolution. The Alchemical moment of the Personality/Soul purification occurs and inner guidance directs every step. We look inward for we know the outward expression is only to be what is only created in the cauldron of the Inner Fire/Water of the Divine Self. We become natural healers, creators, and expressions of the I AM.

The vibration of Marsella vibrates in two places within the Tree of Life. It is first recognized in the Red Sphere of Geburah/Severity. It is within the Triad of the Higher Self/Heart of the Tree. Within this Sphere Marsella holds court in the 4th World, the Manifest World. Within this sphere is clearing, refining, and reshaping. It is also a field of creating, healing, and directing the soul to stay on course.

It is then found on the pathway of Peh that is seen between the Green Sphere of Netzach/Victory and the Orange Sphere of Hod/Splendor in the Triad of the Soul. This pathway unifies Netzach and Hod. It brings the Mind and Heart together so the soul can truly direct the plan of intention to be uncovered, manifested, and lived in the realm of matter. It is the soul voice activated in the heart-mind.

What are other Qualities Marsella offers?

1) The Hebrew Letter of Marsella is Peh, p. It translates as “Human Mouth.” It also is honored as a last letter in a word, and the form of a higher frequency as, Peh-Sofit, ;. Peh-Sofit means, “Hidden Soul Knowledge.” It becomes something to contemplate when we think of the three ranges of consciousness to consider. At what level do we communicate to our self or others through our human speaking? The first range would likely be, “poor pitiful me.” Which stirs the hurt/anger and the “less than” belief symptoms that cause the, “let me just drive myself over everyone or quit and hide.” The second range is to discover the language of our self, understand our needs to know who we are and how we are a part of this human endeavor. The third range is the knowing when to speak and when to be silent because we are able to respond to life from our inner self and create the outer reality from a higher state of knowledge.

2) The Law of Purification reveals an incredible piece of wisdom. What all do we need to purify. At human levels, we need to keep our body pure of toxins, our emotions, pure of false impression, our mind pure of false beliefs, and our ego pure of limitations that lead us to feel less than or greater than all others, including the Divine. When we are clear, we open the passageway of the Pure Spirit-Soul Embodiment: The Alchemical Moment.

3) Marsella/Peh is the activator of Refinement, Healing, Creative Ideation and the ability to assess how our words change the flow of energy. Yes, we all know we need to keep mind, emotions, and actions in congruent order. Our words will let us know if they are, for we will speak and sound what is truly going on within our subconscious levels before we will speak our higher consciousness. Oh, we may make statements that have a meaning that is of a higher order, but our vibrational tone will give us the hint of what we are truly saying….and it is subtle; oh so very subtle. “I love you” may actually be saying, “I love to hate you.” “I want this.” May actually be saying, “I desire this, but deeply believe I cannot have it.” Subtle inner feelings trapped in the First and Second range may thwart the pure field of refinement, healing, and creative ideation.

4) The Tarot Card as associated to Marsella is the Tower. As we see the people falling out of the tower it is a symbol of the lower ego breaking apart. Hurray! It is a symbol of the Mind (the man) and the Emotions (the woman) undergoing a great transformation (alchemical change). The tower of false beliefs that has built a fortress of delusional protections is falling apart. It is scary, but purposeful. 

5) The Faces of WomanSpirit card reveals much more of the Third-range of the Alder/Marsella level. The woman is strong and stable as she creates the path before her. She is in union with the Divine Mind and knows the she is the Creator Creating. She sees the pure energy to design from and the outcome complete. Her Heart-Mind is intact. Her Soul-Spirit is in action. Her embodiment in the human form is the vessel to allow all to manifestations to occur in the very instant of the right moment occurs for materialization.

Remember, Alder, without her consort, would be left in the Great Fires of constant burning and destroying. Ones will can activate burnout and quitting rather than inspiration and creating. Sacred Intentions are not stirred. They are left dormant. A foundation is not useable without the consort of action and Marsella provides the action of knowing the “Will to Be” is The Divine Intention to manifest.

May the gifts of this fiery month of transition bring many insights and blessings.

Warm blessings and love,

Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD


~Lunar Phases of Alder~

New Moon – March 13

Crescent Moon – March 17

First Quarter Moon – Mar 21

Gibbous Moon – Mar 23

Full Moon – Mar 28 (Sun Aries/Moon Libra)

Disseminating Moon – Mar 31

Last Quarter – Apr 4

Balsamic Moon – Apr 7

New Moon of Willow

April 11, 2021 – 8:31 pm MST

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.


©2021 Katherine Bell, PhD, DD


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