Nothing Stops you Now!
Hello Everyone: Spring Equinox occurred, and the Moon has joined the Sun in Aries! The Horizon at New Moon reveals expansion, evolution, and the action of achievement with several planets in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon are moving in Aries/Alder and calling us to full attention, even though many of us are still sleeping at New Moon. We feel the urge to move forward with the goals we are working on. This New Moon is another gift of the year. Alder correlates to the number 4 of 2020 and thus relates to the Eye of the Divine and the Law of Worldly Development. Are we ready? Let’s Go! Let’s use this fantastic power.
I encourage you to read the Cosmic notes, listen the prayer/meditation for the month, and view the video for the Alder New Moon; all are available on the website: There is not a Celtic Ritual this month. However, as I thought about how this is such an active month and individuals are reviewing their direction in careers, I set up the Career Ritual. It is best to do this ritual between the 14th to 17th day after new moon. That will be the 7th -10th of April 2020. Enjoy the ceremony.
The power of Alder is a message to activate our intentions and get moving on our path of desires. Let no fears stop us. Let restrictions be something to contemplate so we can maneuver around them. Know that restrictions may appear as people, circumstances, and/or events. However, they are experiences to examine for their usefulness or non-usefulness. People may appear as limitations, however their messages can show a review and renewing of our ideas and new ways of moving toward our goals. Circumstances may offer us new directions. Events offer us new wisdom to comprehend other methods for talents we want to activate.
Alder: Active Conscious – Power of the Law of Worldly Development
As noted before, Alder presents us with the Single Eye of the Divine. In the Hebrew Letter alphabet, Heh translates to “window” or the Eye of God. Alder is a corresponding energy to this letter. It reminds us to keep our “eye” on the destination we have set for the year. With Divine Intention, we have no hesitation and Alder reminds us to move forward knowing our vision holds a higher purpose of our soul desire. Using the Divine Eye, we know All Possibilities are on our path and we can accomplish our desires with purpose and passion leading the way. Below is the Statement of the Universal Law.

Law of Worldly Development. This law reiterates the choice of Source to manifest itself through the corridors of Matter. The Universal impulse creates the quiver of positive and negative poles, instigating the power of contracting and repelling vibrations that stimulate the current of action and materialization.

When you are working with this Law, you reveal an attribute to create and develop. You set plans into order and set a course of action. You attract and repel ideas until the one right idea is set to structure your plan into a materialized reality. You constantly keep a focus on your goal by being skilled in the area of your desire and maintain the right use of your Will Power and attitude of knowing you can create your own reality. You develop your manifest, step-by-step and use a constant forward motion to keep you stimulated and practicing your power as a leader and manifestor of dreams. An impulse exists within each person that is provided from Source and encoded in the soul expression in order to develop through the World of Existing Matter. For us, that means we are developing our worldly experiences on the Earth. Atoms vibrate at frequencies of positive and negative poles and the constant attraction and repulsion of the atoms causes the activation of matter. This is initiated through the agency of Universal Consciousness and a responsive event occurs in your Soul conscious, which in turn impulses your Personal consciousness to create and honor the insistence of Source to build the material world. Each individual is constantly building, shaping, and developing their world.

The Universe is building, shaping, and developing the worlds of experiences within and beyond our galaxy, always. All that the Universe does is a holographic experience and always available to the individual to connect into this weave of consciousness. It holds the perfect model of anything that one desires to develop and can manifest in their personal existence.

As we enter this lunar cycle, there are no planets in retrograde. Nothing holds us back. We are truly in the pattern of blessings that Alder offers: Readiness, Knowing, Action, Vigor, and a Go For It nature. Let’s do it! In our Divine Center, we know we can fulfill our desires…we “see” the end of the goal before we even get there. Let nothing stand in our way of purpose, passion, and perseverance. When we allow ourself to immerse in this energy, we feel enthusiastic and can move forward without hesitation.
During our time in the energy of Alder, it is an opportunity to use the Grace of our Divine Nature that sees the future in the present. Our interior knowing is demonstrating its self in the outer expression of matter. We are called to let nothing stand in our way, for it is time to “lay down the energy in matter” as we take on the path of manifesting what is an intended fulfillment for this year.
I offer an affirmation created for the latest Qabalah class regarding the letter Heh. It is so fitting for this lunar cycle.

Affirmation: I keep a single-eyed focus on my creative plan to manifest new realities in my world.

Activator of Alder, The Outer Partner – Marsella – Law of Purification
Red, Red, Red. It is the color of the month for sure. Active energy, stirring the blood of our intentions. This field of color is a mover and a shaker. Marsella aids the foundation of Alder’s intentions to stir our consciousness, as well as move forward and head for the outcome(s) we truly desire.
We can see the woman in the card is blazing her own trail. This is a necessary energy within us we all need to recognize. It is the power of our Divine Self stirring the creative juices that stimulate our actions to create and manifest. As an esoteric ruler of our psyche center, Marsella stimulates the qualities of our soul patterns to be fulfilled year-after-year. During this time of year, we feel this stimulation and the urges to activate qualities in our daily reality. They are the feelings that call us to fulfill joyful life experiences.
If there are any patterns of self-rejection, now is the time to purify them. If there are any processes of our creative qualities that need polishing, now is the opportunity to reshape and redesign our intentions. Marsella energy is everywhere and this year offering the energy to structure and restructure our dreams in such a way we feel the refinement as perfect!
To our benefit, the Universal Law of Purification provides us with knowledge and energy to do any level of clearing we may need right now. It is also the gift and blessing that opens the gate for reshaping and refining our dreams and desires so we may bring forth a manifestation of what we have held in our inner thoughts and felt as our desires.

The Law of Purification. All existence moves through a path of life, death and rebirth. In the death process a clearing Releasing completed cycles of life-experiences requires a purification, allowing the circumstance, person or event to return to the Whole Unadulterated Light. Impurities of structures, thought, word and feeling are released. Innocence (pure source) is gained so a new cycle may occur without the existence of old influences. From Purification comes Pure Existence.

The vibration of life provides the existence of experiencing, releasing and rebirthing. It is the constant reminder that the Universe Itself constantly releases cycles, clears the old, and purifies energy for the next event. Source’s existence allows the substance of individuated life and the personal events of the soul to experience Its Whole Unadulterated existence. When one allows the impurities of structures, thought, word and feelings to be released. Innocence (pure source) is gained so a new cycle may occur without the old influences. From Purification comes Pure Existence.

Of course, the power in this law for you is to purify thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions and attitudes. If they were good ten years ago, they may not be now. If they are the constant configuration of negative thoughts, fearful emotions, beliefs in lack, actions of limitations and attitudes of unworthiness, it is time to purify. Step up to the intentions of a higher good for yourself and others (for as soon as you clear, so do others).

Do pay attention, are you:

      • Repeating cycles = holding on to the old influences?
      • Continuing to repeat words and phrases that hold you to your fears and rejections of Mastery?
      • Continually holding on to objects that you no longer use?
      • What are other ideas do you see as repeated cycles that hold you back from successful relationships, careers, creative expression, health, abundance?

Do some clearing, cleaning and purifying and realize the gift behind the action of clearing out and allowing is a new, refined and more perfect state of expression to manifest.

With this field Marsella’s energy calls us to go forward with “no fear and no hesitation.” Now is the time to know and reveal the artistry of the Divine Nature of All Life that is unique to us.
Within the quality Marsella we also realize the power of words. Associated with the Hebrew Letter, Peh, which means “Human Mouth,” it calls our attention to realize how words develop the manifest reality of our world. As we set out to activate and achieve our goals, I offer another statement to help us maintain conscious awareness.

Affirmation: I use my words with deliberate thought and unified purpose to develop an unblemished manifest of my desires.

Ivy- the Opposer of Alder – the Inside Builder
Using the reflective and inner medicine position of the reversed mode, Ivy is the Inside Builder this month. Turning our mind inward, we recognize the polarity working as a helper within our unconscious. It is a foundation to use, and yet, not necessarily conscious reality; because it is of the inner plane. If we don’t recognize it, it can play out as imbalances, judgments, and injustices. In its reversed mode it is the prescription (Rx) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.
Ivy carries the blessing of the Law of Cause and Effect and will nudge us to remain aware of the lessons within this law so we may be aware, alert, and awake in the journey with Alder. Ivy is a great reminder not to rush into our pathway without the Eye of the Divine leading the way. Presenting the message to Stop, Pause, and Allow by sitting back and being an observer, this inner energy will provide the best use of the Law of Cause and Effect and help us produce the most abundant and desired outcome.

The Law of Cause and Effect (Also known as the Law of Karma). “For every action there is a reaction, equal in force but opposite in nature.” This is the law we are constantly using to manifest our reality. What you think and feel you will manifest.

Source instigated this law to create the power of individuation. To learn how to manifest, the Law of Cause and Effect is always moving through your inner and outer awareness.

To achieve what you want, it is important that you know this law by how you use it within your conscious and unconscious reality. This law tells you that for every action there is a reaction. For every thought there is a response. For every feeling there is an equal force reflected back.

This is also known as the Law of Karma. Karma translates to “action” or “work.” It is the Golden Rule we all grew up with: Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. It is the law that calls you to understand that what you put out you will get back; what you reap you will sow.

Ivy presents us with the gift of thinking before acting. Often a challenge of the Alder and Marsella energy is moving before we truly have a plan of action that will be the most successful. We get in a rush and regret it later. Ivy’s gift of observing presents us with the grace of realizing how we can set up the best plan of action to manifest exactly the effect we want.

Another gift of Ivy is to realize we are not alone in our endeavors. Though we are to understand we are able to blaze our own trail, we also need others to help us celebrate our manifest. What good is it to be the designer of clothing if no one is there to wear the clothes? What fun is it to sing a song if no one hears it? How delicious is the food if no one tastes it? How great is the picture painted of no other eyes stare curiously over it? What good is medical discovery if no one uses the medicine or techniques? What wisdom gleaned from the Universal trail of knowledge is inspiring if there is no one to share it with? Ah, I think you get it. We need the outer and inner aspects to build our world of wholeness.

The Inner Partner- Marsella action for Ivy’s internal work

Ivy energy can get stuck in the “what if?” mode. Decisions are hard to make. A spin occurs as we look to make sure everyone else is happy before we make a move in the direction of our intentions. Observations become repeated thought forms of discouragement when we are stuck in the SPA.

Marsella comes to the rescue! In a positive manner, she can pick up the pace of desire, intention, and purposeful action. Stirring the essence of “no hesitation,” we move beyond the “what if?” mode. We don’t wait for anyone to tell us to get going, we respond to our soul desire and inner knowing of the right action.

If Marsella, is rescuing from a negative reality, it will come through us as frustration. If we cannot move beyond frustration we enter the realm of resentment and anger. We take actions we regret later.

Marsella’s gift of the Law of Purification can aid us in clearing, clarifying, and refining what we learn in observing. We then can quantify our creative desires and the right actions to take to manifest our intended purpose. We will blaze our trail!

As this month of Alder blesses you, may you enjoy a creative and ideal month for activating your desires.

New Moon Love and Blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

Download the PDF version of Alder 2020 here