Affirmations – Mantras
Prayers – Meditation
We all have a code to connect with Spirit: a key to unlock the gateways to Source.  These keys are affirmations or a mantras; a prayer or meditation. What is the difference?
An affirmation is a statement we make to affirm a positive need to be provided from Source by a manifest that occurs at just the right time. An affirmation is said with a heart-felt faith in the outcome.
A mantra is a rhythmic sound that initiates the vibration of Source: the Living Power that creates a manifest. It activates the Spirit of Purpose encoded within the words of a mantra. With a rhythmic, monotone, we vibrate Source into Matter. A mantra is a repeated sound, instigating the power of the manifest.
A prayer is very much like an affirmation; while a mantra is like a meditation. A prayer is a supplication for an outcome to occur via the Source of all Life. Meditation unifies our consciousness with the Source of All Life and intuitive guidance occurs to direct the outcome of a desire.
Both are needed. We use prayer when we feel lost in the shadows of experiences. Prayers allow us to relax into the Heart of the Divine.
Mantras can also be used when lost in the shadows of life. However, Mantras are most often used to intentionally blend with the Holy Spirit and allow this quality to arise in us. Thus, we Live the realized and enlightened life of union with spirit and matter. In so doing, we become the focal angel for manifesting all energies of need, creative qualities, and receiving as well as giving grace to all existence.
During many sessions and guidance with my guardian, Malachi, Mantras have been given. This last week they were presented in the form of Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®. Today I would like to present them to you in an English translation and without the cryptogram. They are written like an affirmation, yet they can be a spoken, in a monotone sound, as a mantra. Thus, I suggest, you find a rhythm in your voice with a one-to-two note vibration. As you repeat them, feel the wave of the sound activate the “isness” of the intention through your heart.
Students of the sound healing programs, let yourself drift into the words and sound  and see if you recognize the codes/keys within each mantra that creates these Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®.
As you begin this process, start with Love of the Divine, for within this blessing comes all other blessings. Currents of loving energy move within the sound you create. Make it a love song.
Love of the Divine: Pure love-currents fill my cells with liquid light. I reflect this Light to the Divine. I flow within the sea of intense love and gratitude. I live Divine Wholeness.
Without Self Love, we stop the flow of goodness in our life.
Self Love: Loving my wholeness I grasp Self Dominion. I live in the joy of self love.
Once we are in the conduit of love, our creative juices flow.
Creativity: I use creative imagination. It draws to me wisdom and wizardry. Creativity pours from the Divine Ocean of inspiration. I contain and use it in the pool of my desires.
From the power of creativity, we must bring the project into productive use in our life.
Productivity: I see my world developing through the Eye of the Divine. I respond with a quickening of my mind and receive direction for action. I see this through my personal eye and my actions bring all to fruition.
Finally, we know that from love, creativity, and productivity, prosperity occurs.
Prosperity: I am connected to Divine abundance. I cultivate and create more. I accept the affluence and adapt to prosperity.
Enjoy working with these Affirmative Mantras. Feel your inner being experience the currents of light and sound. Feel expansion of your being in union with Source. Know you are loving, creating and manifesting prolifically.
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
Soon to be unveiled:
©2017 Katherine Bell