Another wonderful opportunity to share the healing lights of prayer and Reiki.

In the Summer of 2006, individuals, inspired by the spiritual life and work of Rev. Katherine Bell*, decided they wanted to help get her work anchored in a nonprofit organization and assist in helping the church and course work continue to be used by as many people, and for as many years, as possible. The seed donation set the Light of Intention into a brilliant state of activity.   By November of 2006 a nation-wide meditation occurred to align and anchor the intention of SPICA – Way of Light.  More than forty-five people across the United States created their meditation circles, connected with the Divine Feminine, and helped set the focus for a church and school of divinity to be set in place for spiritual practitioners.   By February of 2007, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and all paperwork was submitted and accepted by the State of California and the Federal Government (I.R.S.). 

SPICA – Way of Light began supporting the community with Inspirational Sundays and a monthly Gathering Class to help individuals remain on their spiritual course and fulfill their divine intention.   The Board of Directors began working on the larger plan to prepare an educational system with a New Thought-Transpersonal Approach(SM) philosophy that would provide degrees in spiritual philosophy, ministerial diplomas, and healing diplomas. In 2009, SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity was put in place.  Be sure to see our SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity site and review the opportunity to be a student of the university.

Presently, SPICA – Way of Light has three Board Members and several Chairwomen guiding the path and growth of the Church.

Rev. Katherine Bell*, Ph.D., D.D. is the Founder and President of SPICA – Way of Light.   She has over four decades of dedicated spiritual practice. She provides spiritual counseling/coaching, Astrology, Reiki and Shamanic healing modalities, and much more, as she helps others find their purpose and passion.  Rev. Bell* established the mystical studies of Daughters of the Moon and the Wizard Circle programs, which set the foundation of the Divine Feminine wisdom that has inspired the growth of  SPICA – Way of Light. She is an author, lecturer, teacher, and heads the SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity.   Her spiritual, doctoral degrees are in Metaphysical SciencesTranspersonal PsychologyHolistic Astrology, and Mysticism.

If you have any questions or need more information, please send us an email.

Phone:  (800) 499-2353

*Formerly known as Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.