Recently I worked with a client who was bemoaning a life lived in sin. From teen years through parenthood, this person kept opening the doorway of belief in being a sinner. This belief lifted its ugly head quite strongly as the family works through a huge challenge of divorce, toddlers-to-teens to raise, and feeling that the walk of the spiritual path had failed. Distraught emotions could not be quelled as I tried to comfort and remind this person that Divine Essence is within and the power of sin is not wrong doing, but disbelief in one’s higher nature. I spoke about how now is a time to simply work toward healing and balance as well as for a more positive outcome for the future of all involved. This was not accepted either. We did a healing, and the client was still bereft, but felt a bit calmer.
I carried this concern about how individuals feel the weight of sin. I waited until later in the evening when I could be alone, meditate and call forth more assistance from the Divine and the Essence of Jesus to help guide me into further understanding. I needed the silence of the evening to release to greater wisdom.
Because of the life of Jesus, his death, and the bible depicting that our sins started way back with Eve and Adam, I wanted answers about Sin. I wanted to I ask him why the story of his death was centered on his need to save us from our sins. I wanted to know if what Malachi taught in 1986 was true. Is SIN truly Self Inflicted Negativity?
Jesus appeared in my inner vision. His beautiful light radiated love and he replied, “If Christians want to tell the story of me they must view it in another way. I did not die to save anyone. I Lived to tell and reveal the truth of Spirit and Matter as One. I lived to share the knowledge of The Greatness within everyone. I lived to aid the human mind to discover the internal conflict of opposition thinking, believing, emoting, and acting out the conflict is detrimental and used to create utter contrast to real truth.
“There are those who believe their tangled hurts and frustrations leave them incapable of Oneness. They strive to escape embodiment, hoping in death of their human self they will be granted peace and the love they strive so hard to achieve on earth. They defile the Divine Self that dwells within them in the realm of their human experience. They defile their own self and choose to believe they are living in sin and only me, Jesus Christ, or their own dying and going to heaven will release the pain of their internal sorrows.
“Matter is the Lover of Spirit. In matter the sensate knowing of the Divine is experienced. It is the only place where union is truly felt. Through sensation, sensual feelings, deep and unifying experiences, the Divine is known within oneself. Yet in search for love most humans avoid the sacred union, the sensual connection of hearts through the body as the initiator of all experiences of love and peace. They turn their heads, eyes and material radiance away from the union. In so doing they feel disembodied, disproportionate to the power of The Divine Presence. Their heart-love is disconnected from the Oneness as they live in hatred, disgust, or unworthiness of their Life in Matter.
“Joy, love and peace is to be recognized in human form in order to feel and unify with Divinity. There is no sin, only separation. There is no right or wrong, only pain in the loss of love of self and the love of the grandeur of life in all forms, material and nonmaterial. When one is in the state of separation pain is ensured on all levels, and one takes on the belief in Sin.
“When ones choose to believe they have sinned, it helps them justify their belief in incapabilities and thus the need to create a savior beyond their self. In the material form of Jesus, disbelievers of the Divine Self use my life as the message of ‘He is the only one who lives the pure way, He must make us holy, He must save us from our sins.’
“The experience of my life was the blessing to reveal the power of love, healing, embracing one another in the sight of Oneness, living life in abundance, and living in harmony. I also revealed the sacrament of death: completion of a soul-journey in the realm of matter. The experience of my death was three-fold. I accepted the journey of completion of the earthly life I lived and died easily. No struggle. No fear of death. I revealed the Sacred Self after the journey of my earthly life review and revealed my spirit-body to those who had eyes to see it, and those who chose to feel it. I revealed the ascension, simply notifying all that body and spirit are one. I revealed the power of being matter and nonmatter is a simultaneous reality.
“I am but a model of what IS and by union and faith you do as I do for it is the very essence of you. You are the model of the Divine living in matter. Do not create Sin for it does not exist in Divine Expression. Allow yourselves to uncover your mastery and live as a savior of your misperceptions of the empowered being you are. Be the Living Uniqueness of Source. Recognize how you are a glowing, unique jewel of the Divine revealing Its glory in the field of Earth. The Divine is revealing Its pieces and parts through the essence of every individual quality of Itself.”
As the meditation completed, I felt tremendous love, tender concern for our human level of separation, and greater than that, I felt the message of the Union that we already have. He confirmed that sin is only Self Inflicted Negativity, a belief that who we are and what we do is bad. He let me know that eons of time had sealed this belief into the collective conscious of humans, and thus created the power of harming self, harming others, living devoid of prosperity on many levels, and dishonoring life through the lens of comparisons, rather than seeing that you and me, and all, are the unique and wondrous expression of the Divine. May we all live this Light of Awareness and truly meet the Master Within and live without the drudgery of Self Inflicted Negativity.