1. What Idea can I work with now?  – Moon       
    Power of Wisdom flowing through intuition or dream
  2. What Action am I to take? – Maiden of the Present     
    Be steadfast in Right Action, ever present in mind, and aware of thoughts, words, and intentions.
  3. Potential Manifestation –  Reed     
    Transformation and prolific opportunities to create from the rich soil of my soil and from the depth of Great Mystery.

Contact your Inner Wisdom!

Symbology aids you in stirring what is dormant within yourself.  Quite often it is a guide to understand why you respond to life as you do.  Symbology also offers a path to assist you out of the shadows of your past and into the positive journey of self awareness.  The more you dip into metaphoric mysteries you also discover the true realization of your Divine Self.  

Dr. Katherine Bell is another guardian of the symbols that the Universal Consciousness offers.  In her own journey to know of herself, know of the Almighty, and to understand the truth in the message, “All is One and thus the Divine,” she fostered the growth and uncovered the power of knowledge through symbols and more.  Her intuitive passage guided her to bring forward THE FACES OF WOMANSPIRIT, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon;  THE SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE CARDS, and the latest deck of wisdom, The 72 Names of God, HEALING CODES FOR SACRED LIVING.

On this site we offer a few glimpses of these symbols to enable you to contemplate.  May you journey inward and assist your own self.  May you understand and achieve a greater awareness of self.  Yet, more than that, may you foster the true realization that you are what you are seeking:   The Divine.