Happiness is my prayer for all of you as you enter the flow of the New Moon. I hope everyone is harvesting their first rewards for 2016 and ready to create even more. This is the month of August and the Dog Days of Summer that do remind us to enjoy, relax and share positive expressions of Light. May we be “carriers” of this vibration and spread it around our world.

The summer vacation time for SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity students will come to its completion on September 1. This is also a wonderful time for New Students to begin to matriculate into this intense, yet sacred wisdom of the Interior You and evolve to the exterior giving of the wisdom you gather through the Bachelor and Master levels of study. If you are brave enough, you will enter the dynamic realm of the Doctorate Level and express a new way to share sacred wisdom. All are welcome, so be sure to review the full website of  to SPICA – Way of Light.

Over all, may I wish you all a wonderful, playful, creative and peaceful month.

New Moon of Holly

As WomanSpirit guides us to draw the Holly Consciousness to the Supernal quality of Intention, the “heat is on.” Holly carries the element of Fire. With her partners of the month, Ivy and Hawthorn, we have Fire igniting the air qualities. Things can move quickly. Ideas can formulate, designing can occur, and revealing your creations can quickly be formulated. Continued… http://www.facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/Holly%202016website.pdf

Cosmic Field of Light

Our evening skies reveal the light of the stars and planets. Yet at 2:44:29 pm on August 2nd (Mountain Daylight Time) the vibrations of those starlights and planet activations guide us into a New Moon and a monthly lunar influence. The Moon blends into the Light of the Sun and together they connect at 10 degrees 57 minutes within the Leo Constellation. Continued: