Live Your Christed Self

New Moon – April 7, 2016
5:23:35 a.m. Mountain Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

We are ready to enter the 4th lunar cycle of the year. Heading the Field of Intention is Willow. Yet, Alder holds court within the Solar cycle for 12 more days….constantly giving us the boost of energy to keep moving forward. Willow, however, is calling us to cull and cultivate our intentions and not get stuck in unworthiness messages, fear of earning our way, and believing we don’t have the mojo to manifest what we want. Alder will continue, for a few days, to help all of us not to get stuck in the “I can’t” messages. With the Willow field of energy, prepare to dig into the soil of your soul…it is rich with fertilized ideas, seeds if creative plans, deep desires to reach your peak experiences, and enriched with the inner quality of your psyche where you know how to master your reality. Be ready to set your lunar intentions with the Divine Feminine at 5:23:35 a.m. MDT on April 7th and further your quest to be proactive with the True Calling within you!
Continuing This Year’s Greatest Message:


Keep on working with the awareness that we are all operating within the plan of WomanSpirit (Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit) to guide us through a mystical practice of connecting with the Supernal Consciousness within the Universe, and thus, within us. This connection is through the Trestle Board patterns of awareness: The Foundation is Set for the Soul’s Intention to accomplish a journey and the power of Action is also in motion. We give great attention to the Intention of the Universal Soul (thus our soul) through the focus of each lunar cycle. This is a call of WomanSpirit to help us recognize the great power of wisdom that is contained within everyone and can be deciphered through HER many Faces and the incredible Secret wisdom within each Face that takes us through many regions of HER Conscious Intention! Throughout this year that Intention carries Grace and Opportunities through changes.

Knowing the Intention, one can then recognize the Foundation stabilizing the lunar month and the action you can pursue to obtain the success intended to be manifested during a lunar cycle. It is a joy to remember that one of the Intentions of the Universe is always to Manifest. For each of us, then, it is a delightful gift we give to the Universe to be the open conduit for Manifestations to occur. This Month we vibrate with this flow:
WILLOW – Intention



This month, the Soul Intention is Willow. I am wondering how many of you are obtaining a deeper look into these evolving lunar cycles? One thing to view is setting a stage of intention, flowing within a foundation and erupting within an action. Enough “revealing” has occurred to see the Divine Plan in these lunar cycles of evolution. Just look back at Ash’s lunar time: Her Foundation was Willow. We see from that lunar cycle of the foundation of Ash, Willow now carries the Intention that is blossoming with purpose.

Here are some interactive vibrations taking place this month as well. Oak carries a message within it that was initiated with the Ash (Nurturing) lunar cycle. Where Ash brought forth the power of Nurturing, Oak will whisper in your ear, “I AM THE PRO-NURTURER”. What is the gift of nurturing?

Ah, then another secret exists with Willow and Ash as Ash was the initiator of the wisdom of utilizing the power of Reality vs Illusion. Willow will take you down a path that will provide you the experiences that will reflect back to you weather or not you learned the lesson. If not, you will explore the power of illusion that is so strong it is illusive and the lesson so much more intentful, that you will fall to your knees and know that you must learn how to move beyond illusion in order to truly cultivate your life purpose and keep a balance on the journey of your existence on Earth.

In the Spirit of Intention, Willow presents so much for all of us. She is Earth bursting seeds as the Spring sunlight calls forth the inner power. Willow is the blessings of our Soul Voice calling us to be clear about our refinement of soul intentions. She reminds us to be “real” in all we are doing so we may bring forth the most beautiful qualities of our human nature and spiritual living.

The Willow vibration of the Divine Feminine calls us to hook into our soul and bring about the inner design that will interlink with our outward experiences. This will provide us the open channel of Heaven and Earth and “right” manifestations. It gives us the inner knowing and outward expression of Oneness because we remember all things are woven together, thus nothing is separate.

Within the last week, WomanSpirit has been directing new codes for the bewitching blessings of intercourse. At first, Her message was all about human beings making love. Then, She brought more codes for human and spirit union. One of Her main message is the power within Nature and Nurture. As I began writing this letter, I realized she had been designing this New Moon Letter as well, as she brought these codes to my conscious level.

Message from WomanSpirit: “Intercourse is the weaving of two people who succumb to the nature of physical desire and weave into the love that nurtures both. The sweet intensities give way to a pleasure beyond the body need. The depth of no time-no space allows a blend within the union wherein the couple experiences oneness, peace, joy, excitement and fulfillment.

“Both arise from the event knowing thy have shared a love that is beyond the kissing, touching and the climax. Their bodies are free from stress, minds beyond judgment of their life activities, and their hearts have melted from hurts and anxieties. In oneness, they can continue their intentions and fulfill them together.”

Of course, she took me further into the upward spiral of union with Source and the bliss of the Oneness. More to come in our classes of “The Shamanic Codes of Healing.”
Willow is the power of Nature and Nurturing. Inherent within the flow of this energy is the genetic qualities (nature) that builds our physical reality. Yet, it also carries the power of nurturing, caring for and loving. If we are raised in the belief that we are only the human, guided by our genetic dispositions, and we receive little or no nurturing within our family and community structure, we simply are human beings trying to get things we need. If we are raised in an environment that honors our genetic structures and provides loving encouragement, nurturing attitudes, and cultivation of our talents, we flow into the activities of our life that support our soul intentions with ease and grace. Success on many levels, then, prevail.
Note: Corresponding to the power of Willow is the Celtic Celebration of Beltane. Beltane is the day of great passion as the lovers come together; as an individual makes love to God/Goddess to insure the purity of manifest blessings. It is the time in which one Lady of the Land (A High Priestess) becomes the Oracle that reveals the wisdom of the Goddess guiding the intentions of each human in order to obtain the rich fullness of HER abundance.

The Beltane Ceremony is on this page:

Beltane is the 3rd Festival of the Druid year. It is the time of sensual, creative vibrations that stirs desires for ultimate possibilities in ones life. It is during this time that the lore of the Celtic Life reveals the stag (or green man) and the maiden came together and make wild abandoned love.

It is a great time for you to abandon yourself in creative mojo and delight in what you are creating. Remember: You are the Creation of the Creator; You are the Creator of the Creation.

The Foundation of the Intention this lunar month is provided by Oak. What a gift in this arena of the Lunar Month of Willow. Oak carries the mystery of the Great Potential Realized! In this foundational expression is the potential already known. It is the foundation of the boundary being set for the potential to fully blossom and exude the child of the union with you and Source/Goddess.

This foundation contains the Light of Source ready to Birth–The Creator Creating and manifesting. This inner quality is influencing the guidance of your soul, mind and heart in order that you may manifest the Highest Intentions. Allow the infusion of the Holy Spirit contain your personal reality in the unity of Heaven and Earth. Allow the waters of your unconscious flow with the Power of the Supernal Consciousness and spill out into your personal reality. Be the Pro-nurturer of this inner realm that is formulating the foundation of your Soul Voice and Soul Intentions to grow and mature for pure manifested experiences.


Your Intention is known, your foundation set. Now, what can you do with the field of Action this month? The power of Ash/Neptunia is the past now coming into Action through the Agency of Willow.

Earth and Water are in action. This merging stimulates the blossoming, growth, and maturation of your intention. Within the action is the wisdom to sanctify your intention and live in the holiness by your efforts. You carry the power to honor the nurturing quality of your higher nature and cultivate it through your soul intention. You have the power to bring into your manifest world the memory of your union with Source. Your assistance in this power is to know exactly what your T.E.A.M. is doing. How are your Thoughts congruent with your Emotions and stimulating your Actions so you may Manifest your pure soul-desires?

Victory is in your hands, especially if you honor the containment of your foundation, the wisdom of your intention, and the action of living within the bounds of your higher purpose. For in this power, you are the Living expression of the Creation you are Creating in Union with the Highest Force and Form of Life: God/Goddess.

Neptunia in action is a call to truly surrender to your highest purpose. When you do this, all knowledge can formulate in your mind and heart and be manifested through your field of matter. When you surrender to the Higher Authority within you, you will be able to release that which has been hidden in the inner core of your Psyche. The birthing nature of the Great Womb (Neptunia) is encased in the womb of your Foundation (Oak) and ready to birth your potential. The action is to release the new reality of your purpose. Flow within this watery action. Move like the ocean tide and let the Creator within release Its creation. This Action will help release the fertilizer of your Intention and support the foundation of your potentials ready to birth
that which you have been nurturing and ready to bring into the realm of nature.

Whether you are Poseidon emerging from the watery depth of you psyche or delving into the depth of your inner power, hold your intentions to serve the Great Sea (Divine Mother). Nurture Her Creation through birthing Her Nature in the substance of your higher purpose. (Poseidon’s palace is under the sea where he holds the horses of power that will compete with Troy: Neptunia–power of Illusion or All Knowledge).


May you all experience the subtle and not so subtle energy of this lunar month. It is a time of love, passion, purpose and use of creative powers. May you experience the Grace of this lunar cycle.

Love and Light,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
CEO/Founder of SPICA – Way of Light
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