We are feeling some of the effects of Elder Moon already. The Sun is reflecting the power of Sagittarius and thus taming some of the Reed Vibration. New Moon is December 5th at 9:35:42 a.m. PST. The Sun and Moon will be at 13 degrees 28 minutes of Sagittarius. They will be heading toward Mars, already traveling through Sagittarius. All will be urging the spirit of adventure, the blessings of benevolent attitudes, and the grace of a higher urgency to know and live as the Divine. I will, of course, have a message about the New Moon Cosmic alignment on the News page of www.facesofwomanspirit.com. Also of great interest will be the Full Moon for it is a time of a total lunar eclipse as well. And, by the way, Mercury will go into a retrograde motion by December 10, and be pulled out of Capricorn and back into Sagittarius energy. We are already feeling the jostling of Mercury turning retrograde. A time to “enter” the sacred places within.

A delightful occurrence happens this year. We celebrate the whole lunar cycle through Elder. We usually create a break between Elder and Birch at Full Moon. That is not necessary this year. We have a gracious opportunity to flow from New Moon to Balsamic Moon with Elder. Enjoy Her Sacred gifts all month long. Feel the gifts of ebb and flow, silence and inner reflection of higher wisdom, and love at unconditional levels. Feel the union with Source within you.

The Full Moon occurs on December 21, Winter Solstice. Please be sure to check the website for the Ritual of Winter Solstice.


Below are three areas that are gifts of consciousness we will connect with through the cycle of Elder Moon Mother. As you go through the lunar month with Elder, notice how these three qualities are revealed in your life:


During the Time of Elder we also give honor to the Angelic Guardians that help us every day. This is their month to be honored. We know the “sing on high” and celebrate the life of each birth from the womb of the Great Mother. They follow the souls and always seek to help, particularly when asked (for otherwise, they must wait patiently as we go on our merry way).

Each person was born with an Angel walking beside them. Do you know your angel? If so, do give him/her honor. If not, simply make an acknowledgment with or without a name and give honor for the gift of support through the Angelic realm. For in the truth of all existence, there is a guardian watching out for you, helping you and working to guide you along your pathway.

Notice how the Angels are helping you, guiding you, directing you all lunar month (and beyond). Do note what you notice.


This is most certainly a time of giving. We all know that Christmas will occur during the time of Elder. Gift giving and extending a helping hand in many ways (money, food, clothing, and other gifts) occurs. This is a special time to share the wisdom of giving, the heart of giving, and the truth of giving without expectation.

There are several ways we give. Each quality of giving reveals our intentions and also notes the vibration of love released (or not) in the moment of the gift. The first three states of giving reveals giving with the True Heart. The last three represent conditional giving and not truly from the heart.

Heart Giving:

1) Giving with Love and no expectation of returns

This is the gift that is from a full heart and a desire to simply make another happy, help another on the path of life, or to give honor to the spiritual gift provided all year long ( from a teacher, a church philosophy, a human guardian, family or friend).

2) One who simply gives without any recognition, no identity given

This is a person who simply gives from their full heart and has no need for attention, accolades, or recognition.

3) The person who gives without being asked

This person is alert to the needs of those around them: person, group, school or church. Simply giving because they can see the need.

Giving from Obligation or Attention

4) The person that gives what perhaps they believe they should, but only as they are asked.

This is a person who truly does not want to give, but will do so under pressure or obligation of family or group. Guilt has taken over. He/she wants to be noticed.

5) The person who appears to give graciously, but most certainly less than would be helpful.

This person also wants to “look good” to a group or to friends and family. He/She wants attention or accolades for gift given.

6) The person who gives, but with regret.

This person is similar to the 5th person. Giving is done so he/she can look good, but really does not want to give…obligation has set in and giving becomes necessary so one can look good to family or group. Usually this gift is to someone or something they truly dislike.

As you present gifts, which level do you come from. Of course, we all want to be in the top three. But do notice when giving is not from the heart of gracious sharing, but from the attitude of obligation, guilt, or the need to gain recognition. When giving from the lessor level, it is truly best not to give at all…that is truly not a gift. When giving from the first three levels, enjoy, for what you put out you do get back in the greater amount of love (even if you are a secret giver).

Sacred Silence

This third level of Elder is Her precious gift of awareness. The time of total silence is called for during Elder’s lunar cycle. Why? Because it places us in a total point of Peace, the graciousness of harmony, the expression of Love.

How does one come into a total point of Silence? Ah, this is also a precious gift…this one from you to Source Consciousness. In this total point of Silence, you quite your physical reality. You sit…you don’t walk around the house, outside, or in any way keep physically busy. You bring your body to a still point. Mentally you silence your mind. You calm the mind and allow it to slip into the ethereal reality of blending with a Higher state of awareness. As the mind wants to ramble, you let the thoughts flow through, but don’t follow them. You let them go until no-thought exists. Emotionally, you calm all feelings. Again, you don’t stir the emotions with thoughts, you calm the emotions with peaceful feelings and then no-feeling. You come to Emotional Stillness. Ego stillness is obviously required. Remember, the Ego is looking for attention, wants the accolades that say “your doing good” and so needs recognition that it cannot stand still. However, when you calm the Ego state of your consciousness, you Let Go and Let Goddess do Her Work. And, what about calming the Soul? Oh, yes, that urgent need moving through you to act on your Purpose, that is the sound of your Soul. Let it go still as well. Empty. Be the open and clear vessel that is ready to Receive the Blessings of Spirit.

When you can become totally silent, you are very receptive to the True Inner Voice—The Voice of Source Consciousness. When you become totally silent, you are receptive to True Healing. The healing of Mind, Body, Emotions, Ego and Soul occurs. Blessings occur. Insights of a higher nature a more diligent direction occurs that will lead you to true fulfillment. Guidance of your Higher Nature and Higher Life Design occurs.

How do you become truly silent? Turn off radios, CDs, and come into a place where there are no voices in the background, and no activity around you. As noted above, still your mind, emotions and physical body. Sit in a meditative state, releasing your personal mind and subconscious mind to your Source Consciousness.

How long to remain in silence? Ah, that depends on you. If you followed the old Celtic way, you would use the closing of the Winter Solstice ceremony and enter into Silence and remain their until December 25th. As I always say, this is likely not easy for our Western state of being. We are very active with family, friends, co-workers, etc. So, what next? Can you give a whole day of Silence? Then do so. Too much? Ah, how about at least one full hour? What are you willing to give to the Divine Presence? Remember, you are Giving Silence…will it be the state of True Giving or Lessor Giving. That truly is up to you. May it be a blessing that you give to Source and may you receive the Greater Blessing in return.

A Potential Gift of Sacred Silence is Mystical Union with the Divine.

I wish you all great moments of Silence, joyful moments of Light on Winter Solstice, and a wonderful holiday Season of Hanukkah (December 1 – 9), Christmas (December 24/25), and Kwanza (December 26 – January 1). May all celebrations be with the Heart of Love for All.

As you continue to journey through the dark time of the year, you also begin to enter the Light, signified by Winter Solstice. The fallow quality of your Soul- Soil is quietly resting and prepared to receive the Light of the New Dawn, the gifts of experiences to be known in the new year. When Birch approaches, you will plant seeds. Until then, let the sacred silence be the till of your soul-soil and bless the soil with love of the Divine. Let that love fertilize the soul-soil.: Intent, healing, spiritual, regal, deep silence, mystical. It is the color of Advent (the preparation of the birth of or the coming of Christ; or the Celtic sacred awareness of the coming of New Light). The prominent color on the Face of Elder is Deep Purple. It calls your consciousness to move into Spiritual Alignment. Sacred Intentions are stirred in your inner self through this vibrational ray of color. You may feel the regal alignment with Sacred Truth, Spiritual Oneness, and Awareness of the Light of All.