Classes Offered
Katherine Bell*, Ph.D.

Divinity Courses are now available through SPICA Way of Light UNIVERSITY website, visit the Degrees link for information on Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate courses.

For those of you across the U.S. and abroad who keep asking “Do I travel and teach?” the answer is “Yes, I do travel and teach classes beyond San Diego County.” Here are a few classes for you to consider in your area. I do require a minimum of 10 students per class and fees vary depending on the amount of time I will be teaching (1-day lecture, 2- 3 days, week-long workshops, etc.) and traveling. If I have to travel beyond San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, I like to teach 2 – 3 day classes. Contact me for fee requirements. Here are some of the subjects I will teach while traveling:

  • Abundance
  • Angelology
  • Astrology and the Tree of Life
  • Astrology – Natal, Spiritual and Universal Laws
  • Celtic Spiritual Philosophy
  • Chakra Awareness
  • Colorology and Healing
  • Divination using The Faces of WomanSpirit Oracle
  • Dream Interpretation (reviewing levels of dreaming)
  • Ease into Astrology (Beginners class)
  • Enhancing Your Intuition
  • Energy Healing Methodology
  • Feminine Face of the Divine
  • Healing Essences – WomanSpirit Elixirs
  • Looking at your Elements: Fire | Water | Air | Earth
  • Lunar living (living with the Phases of the Moon)
  • Malachi Workshops
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Numerology
  • Name – What are the secrets of your Name through Universal Laws
  • Numerology
  • Reiki I, II and III
  • Rose Readings
  • Ritual Processes for Spiritual Enhancement
  • Sacred Astrology
  • Sacred Sound
  • Sacred Stories of Self
  • Soul Journey
  • Shamanism
  • Symbology
  • Teach the Ego to Soar
  • Universal Laws
  • Will Power and the Chakras
  • Tree of Life Intensives (Quarterly Weekend Workshop)

Contact Katherine at: