Today is a significant day for sure. Waves of energy are flowing into the Iron Core of the Earth…Divine Energy. From the Iron Core Divine Energy is ascending into the field of our Earthly experiences. The Rays of energy are increasing our Christed awareness.

The field of energy is taking Jesus off the Cross of imbalance, and releasing the old patterns of aeon. We are in the State of Acceptance of this energy with our Free Will capable of making the choice to Uptake and Be the Living Christ.

When we look at the 12-12-12 date, we are seeing three 12’s. Twelve is a number that vibrates with the Dual Law of Reversal and Reflection. From the excerpts of Class 105 in the SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity Bachelor Studies we read: Law of Reversal: The Law of Reversal indicates that a full 180 degrees turnabout occurred at the point the Universe released Itself into individual soul qualities. At that very moment, every soul took on the power to reverse any aspect of itself as well. The turnabout allows evolution of Light to move into denser emanations and express in an individual manner; and denser emanations of light to express higher emanations of light by revising consciousness. We use this law best when we:

– Reverse the tendencies of thought, word and action that contains us in an ostentatious view of our own life, or a view of absolute lack, and thus limits the view of the higher mind, higher intent contained within.

– Check out your Trends: – Trends of thoughts – Trends of emotions – Trends of actions – Trends of interactions – Trends of health – Trends of lack – Trends of Self Inflicted Negativity (S.I.N.) and Self InflictedPunishment (S.I.P.)

This Law asks you to look at your life and the areas you may need to reverse, let go of control, and take charge to reverse them. Each and every day there is something that will happen that you may need to transform into a higher state and live your life according to your higher message within.

Search always for truth, the way and the means to live at that higher level and you will reverse any challenges that seem to hold you in the negative aspects of living. When you do this, you will also be allowing the full on power of the positive energy of the Law of Reflection, the second law on this wisdom point of the Universe.

The Law of Reflection simply states that the angle of reflection always equals the angle of incidence–what you see is whom you are. Quite similar to the Law of Cause and Effect–who you are is what you reap. The Law of Reflection allows you to look at the trends in your life and recognize that they are a reflection of what is happening within your inner self. When you reverse your lower trends of feeling, thinking and acting, you will reflect the Source Within and think, feel and act as Source. Your Search for Truth will cause you to Reflect the Higher Wisdom in and through you.

What do you see in your life now that reflects Source? See within you what exists at the Highest level of Yourself – God/Goddess. When you reverse your lower trends of feeling, thinking and acting, you will reflect the Source Within and think, feel and act as Source. When you do this, you will find the smoothness of life, the harmony of experiences, the joy of living as the flow of your existence. What in your life needs to be reversed right now?

How will you reverse it? As you review your life and the reflections that others are revealing to you, what are you seeing about yourself? What do you choose to reflect to Source? How are you doing this? We are at choice every moment and can absolutely reflect Love, Light and Source-Self.

The card that reflects these two laws is Neptunia.

Copyright 2010,

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

Reflect on the Power of 2012 with this Dual Law of the Universe in mind. Note how you are reversing your trends and are the chalic of light reflecting Source. Blessings, Katherine